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Schwarzkopf Coralle Permanent Wave Kit (Porous, Color, Bleached Hair)


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86 in stock

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Schwarzkopf Permanent Curls with the Coralle Lanoline Formula

  • Enriched Lanolin Extract Formula for color, bleach, and porous hair

The Schwarzkopf Coralle relaxing and curling cream is made exclusively for you who want to have defined, loose, natural balance, controlled volume, curls without any frizz. The wave kit gives you a permanent solution which is very easy to do at home. As the cream is enriched with the Lanolin extract, it will protect the hair during treatment. In fact, the hair will fully bounce back and lights up once you are done. A long lsting elasticity is also a done deal. Please read the step by step instructions in the brochure inside this product

1X 100ml Schwarzkopf Coralle Permanent Wave Cream
1X 100ml Schwarzkopf Coralle Neutralizer Cream
1X English Instructions

Step-by-Step Guide Instructions to safely use the Schwarzkopf Perm Kit:


  • Do Not use the perm system two weeks before or after coloring your hair To avoid damage to your hair
  • The Product contains Hydrogen Peroxide. Use a safety glove and avoid getting Peroxide on the skin. If liquid spills on the skin, wash off immediately.

1. Preparation:

  • Wash your hair first with shampoo, but do not massage or scratch the scalp
  • Towel Dry hair lightly and keep hair evenly moist while winding

2. Winding Process

  • Wind Damp hair around perm rods with your own designed technique method.
  • The result will depend on the size and number of rods used.
  • The Natural Growth and fall of the hair determines the winding directions.

3. Perm Lotion Processing

  • Add 2-3 drops of perm lotion on each rod
  • The intensity of the curl can only be increased by using more thinner rods (NOT BY PROCESSING TIME)
  • COLD PERM: Please cover the Rods up  with a plastic cap or something similar
  • HOT PERM: If you are using a steaming curl iron or infrared, please do not cover the rods

4. Processing Time Guide:

Hair Type Cold Perm
Perm Lotion BEFORE Wind
Cold Perm
Perm Lotion AFTER Wind
Hot Perm
Perm Lotion BEFORE Wind
Hot Perm
Perm Lotion AFTER Wind
Bleached Hair
Not recommended 5 – 10 Minutes Not Recommended 10 minutes
Porous Hair Not recommended Roll with water and put
perm lotion for 5 Minutes
Not recommended Not recommended
Resistant Hair 15-20 Minutes 25-30 Minutes 5-10 Minutes 10 Minutes
Normal Hair Not recommended 15-20 Minutes Not recommended 10 Minutes
Difficult to
Perm Hair
20 Minutes Not recommended 10 Minutes Not recommended
Normal to
Slight Porous
15-20 Minutes Not recommended 10 Minutes Not recommended

5. Rinse and Neutralization Step

  • After processing the hair use lightg warm water to rinse out all the excessive cream.
  • Apply now the Neutralizer cream to two-third to saturate deep into all rods
  • Leave it for around 4 to 6 minutes
    Now, remove the rods and apply the remaining 1/3 of Neutralizer Cream.
  • Let it develop for another 5 minutes

6. Finishing

  • Use a Conditioner for healthy hair afterward

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