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Loreal Perm Curia Permanent Curls (Normal to Sensitized Hair)


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Loreal Perming Lotion used by professional Hair Salons

Please choose the correct formula for your hair:

  • Formula 1 (N-pink box) is for natural hair
    Formula 2 (S-purple box) is for sensitized hair
    Formula 3 (XS-Green box) for extra sensitized hair

Benefits of the Loreal Curia Perm Kit:

  • for beautiful naturally looking curly hair
  • easy to style with micro-oil and essential vitamin nutrients
  • keeps your hair soft, shiny, and smooth after treatment

The Loreal Curia is a product developed to give shape to your new permanent curls. The Loreal perm kit is an ideal solution to bring back the curls onto your head. Yes, the wave cream leaves the hair with a controlled volume right after treatment. You will not lose your natural look as the kit has soothing, relaxing ingredients to gently hydrate the hair for more balance and shine.

The combination of fine-tuned wave technology and nurturing natural ingredients, this line aims to give a brand new shape and movement to hair curls. Say goodbye to frizzy and bulky hair as it will be silky, shiny, and soft for a long duration. Because the wave formula has emollient agents, it will not leave the hair looking dry. It also included a purifier to clean all the toxins out of your hair once the treatment is finished.

The Curia kit contains:

1X Wave cream lotion 100ml
1X Neutralizer Lotion 100ml
1X English Instructions

Step-by-Step Instructions of Loreal hair perming lotion Curio to safely curl your hair


  • Do Not use the perm system 2 weeks before or after coloring your hair To avoid damage to your hair
  • The Product contains Hydrogen Peroxide. Use safely glove and avoid getting Peroxide on skin. If liquid spills on skin ,wash off immediately.
  • Do not apply on bleached hair
  • Avoid Eye Contact / prevent irritation on neck or skin
  • Do not flood scalp with lotion
  • Do not apply on treated Henna or Metallic Salt hair
  • Do not swallow – it can cause death

1. Preparation:

  • Wash your hair first with shampoo, but do not massage or scratch the scalp
  • Towel Dry hair lightly and keep hair evenly moist while winding

2. Winding Process

  • Choose the curl size of your personal choice
  • Wind Damp hair around perm rods with your own designed technique method.
  • Result will depend on size and number of rods used.
  • The Natural Growth and fall of the hair determines the winding directions

3. Perm Lotion Processing

  • Add 2-3 drops of perm lotion on each rod
  • The intensity of the curl can only be increased by using more thinner rods (NOT BY PROCESSING TIME)
  • COLD PERM: Cover Rods with a plastic cap
  • DO NOT USE HEAT ON any of the Loreal Curia formulas

4. Processing Time Guide:

Force Time to let curls develop:

  • Normal Hair 15 – 20 Minutes
  •  10 – 15 Minutes
  • If the result is not yet reached, please the curls on for another 5 minutes and recheck again. Extend until desired result is reached.

5. Rinse & Neutralizer Process

  • After processing, rinse hair thoroughly with water/ Blot out excess water.
  • Apply Neutralizer 2/3 to saturate all rods
  • Leave for 5 Minutes
  • Remove Rods and apply the remaining 1/3 of Neutralizer to develop for 5 minutes

6. Finishing

  • Use Conditioner for healthy hair

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