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Hair Loss Tonic Sunon – Herbal Kaffir Lime (100ml)


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75 in stock

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Herbal Hair Loss Tonic from Sunon with Kaffir Lime

  • Strong Hair roots
  • Elevated Hair Grow
  • Results in only two months

Benefits of Kaffir Lime

1. Blocking the formation of DHT: DHT is hormone that weakens hair follicles. Once DHT levels in the scalp are decreased, the cycle of hair loss experienced by dormant follicles is corrected allowing new hair re-growth to resume.
2. It eliminates the clogging of hair follicles by dissolving dead skin cells, on the scalp which mainly is caused by leftover shampoo residues that contribute to premature hair loss.
3. Increasing blood flow to your scalp and hair roots to stimulate and strengthen hair roots for healthy new hair.
4. Nourishing and Stimulating Hair Follicles.

Kaffir is a herbal medicine capable to cure baldness. Due to its unique strengthening properties, high protein content, and other, still unidentified, medicinal powers, Kaffir is very effective in strengthening the hair roots, improving blood circulation in the hair follicles, and promoting an additional flow of nutrients and oxygen in the scalp. Another quality of Kaffir is to treat hair that has become prematurely grey.

About Kaffir Lime

The Kaffir Tonic is extracted from the leaves of the Kaffir tree. The Kaffir tree is found mainly in northern part of Thailand. Kaffir trees detoxification the scalp. The leaf of the kaffir is so robust that even after a year of freezing no loss of detoxification strength will occur.

Application Area:
– Puts a stop to DHT
– Detoxifies scalp
– Boosts hair growth

Application Directions:
1st Step: Wash your hair, apply a few drops, and massage the scalp for 5 minutes.
2nd Step: Allow Tonic to act on the scalp.
3rd Step: Please do not rinse out the tonic after application.
4th Step: Allow a minimum of six hours to let the tonic absorb before washing the hairt
5th Repeat above steps daily

1 X 100 ml (3.52oz) SunOn Kaffir Tonic Extra

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