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Kokliang Conditioner with Snow Lotus (Growth, Dandruff) 200ml


87 in stock

87 in stock

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Kokliang Hair Conditioner to promote hair growth

  • Fast hair regrow with the recipe of ancient Chinese therapy
  • Effective against hair loss
  • Hair regrowth booster
  • Quick results
  • Does not contain any Sulfates or Phosphates
  • A 100% herbal hair conditioner

The Conditioner is made from natural-only ingredients, used widely in China for hair related issues. The Conditioner works best with the Kokliang shampoo together, leaving your hair soft and shiny afterward. The Conditioner ingredients include ginseng and other natural remedies proven over the centuries to thicken and regrow the hair.

About “Snow Lotus”
Snow Lotus grows in the Tibetian mountain areas. As it is difficult to farm it, it is very rare and limited.

About “Jasmin Tea”
A study of the University of Soul, S. Korea, stated that oil in Jasmin Tea is catching our body’s own SHBG Globulines and converts them into Dihydrotestosterone essential for hair growth.
Chinese Ginseng eliminates skin and hair roots toxins
Borneol regenerates damaged hair roots

The Conditioner should be applied to wet hair evenly. Massage the scalp for 5 minutes and let the Conditioner act. Rinse thoroughly and repeat daily for two months, at least. (Do not blow dry your hair).

1 X 200 ml Kokliang Snow Lotus Ginseng Conditioner

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