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Bergamot Hair Growth Shampoo Extra Delicate (Normal, oily Scalp)


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Bergamot hair growth shampoo for normal and oily hair

  • Prevent Hair Loss from weak scalp
  • Strengthens Hair Roots
  • Promotes Hair Grow
  • Creatin Production for Hair Re-Growth
  • Herbal Shampoo

There are about 100,000 strands of hair on each person’s head. Each hair lasts 3-5 years before falling out naturally. But at the same time, millions of cells in the scalp generate new hair growth to replace the lost hair. This process goes on continuously. Each Strand comes from a root, found underneath the scalp. Strong growth and health of hair depend on the number of nutrients fed to the roots through a complex blood circulation system.

Reasons For Hair Loss:

Many factors cause hair loss ranging from air pollution to heat and humidity, causing the hair and scalp to become dirty easily. Therefore inflammation subcutaneous glands, weakening roots all are resulting in hair loss. Lack of vitamins and nutrients essential to hair growth, bacterial infection, or fungi on the scalp, dandruff, scalp itchiness, and stress all contributes to hair loss as well. Another major cause is poor health i.e., high blood pressure, typhoid, diabetes, syphilis, thyroid infection, and long term usage of pills for birth control, postnatal care, cancer, etc.

How can the Bergamot delicate shampoo promote hair growth

Bergamot hair shampoo is extra mild with a neutral PH of 6.0. The shampoo can be used daily without harming the scalp’s natural protective layer, leaving no residue. The shampoo was carefully tested by hair specialists that it can effectively cure scalp and hair problems. ERADICATING EXCESS SCALP OIL AND RESTORING THE HAIR’S NATURAL BALANCE. The shampoo also reduces itching and reinvigorates the hair roots, which results in healthy and strong natural hair.

  • Strengthens hair roots and is effective against hair loss
  • Damaged & weak hair
  • Hair growth
  • Strengthens hair roots and is effective against hair loss
  • Hydration

Apply shampoo to wet hair, massage throughout the entire scalp, leave it on for 5 minutes, and rinse with water, wash hair again for a second time. No need for conditioners.

1 X 100ml Bergamot Shampoo Extra Delicate Normal & Oily Scalp

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3 reviews for Bergamot Hair Growth Shampoo Extra Delicate (Normal, oily Scalp)

  1. Cindy

    AmazingMy hair was thin before because of age and health problems. This shampoo made my hair feel fuller in 2 weeks of use! Amazing!

  2. smallbunny

    Good ShampooI like the smell and it is quite a treat to the hair as well. Especially, I have more hair now

  3. Williams

    FastDelivery was even faster, the quality remains excellent. Thank you!

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