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Real Feng Shui Gold Sheets for Praying, Gilding (Size: 50, 100)


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100 Percent Gold Leaves for Gilding, Decoration, and Praying

  • Attract more wealth into your life
  • Suitable to display in your money/wealth area
  • Use while paying respect to your personal god
  • Apply on god or Buddha statue (see below for position & meanings)

Gold or the color yellow is superior in Feng Shui standing for the emperor’s universal wealth symbol. Therefore, it is proven over thousands of years that gold will attract more wealth and more prosperity into one’s life.

But why is gold so unique in attracting money?

It all comes down to its color. The ancient people saw the color yellow of gold as the light of the sun. The sun is our universal Qi-force dictating all laws of nature. Without the power of the sun, no life on earth would be possible. The emperors understood very well its power. Consequently, hoarding massive amounts of gold was seen as a protection of power and ruling. The more gold you have, you touch, and being surrounded of it, the more prosperity and wealthy a person becomes.
Yes, gold’s secret is its vibrational energy, even to attract more wealth.

There are two ways to attract wealth and money with gold:

  1. Simply display the real Feng Shui Gold in your money corner or decorate your talisman or statue with real gold. It makes a different decorating with real gold. Remember, real gold attracts more wealth. Imitation gold leaves are cheaper in case you are on a limited budget.
  2. Use the Feng Shui Gold Leaves to decorate your auspicious Buddha or personal god’s statue:

Whenever you pray, your life becomes more prosperous now and in your next life. Did you know that each position indicates a specific purpose:

  • Applying the leave on the face of the Buddha or god statue is believed that you are more successful in life, career, and gain more prosperity.
  • Choose the belly, which will result in wealth, wealth, wealth, and wealth. You are going to fill your treasure chest with assets and more money
  • Gilding the gold at the Buddha amulet or belly button of any god is believe that you will not experience starvation. Throughout life, you will not have to fasten. Also, it will attract more wealth, money, and gold in life.
  • Gilding the head of the Buddha or god is believed to enhance wisdom necessary for a good education, peaceful dreams, and erodes all obstacles in life. In summary, a worry-free life is a guarantee. Also, it will solve any life problems for you forever.
  • Apply the gold leaf to the chest. In return, you will have the pleasing glory of the people, you are loved and gain popularity by people, and you stand out from the crowd.
  • Gilding the hand is believed you will become a powerful person. Nobility comes into your life, and people will respect you.
  • Putting the leaf at the feet is believed you are safe while traveling in a vehicle or at any accommodation. Also, your overall well-being will improve dramatically.
  • Place a gold leaf at the back of the Buddha or god it is believed that you will become complete. You will enjoy a magnificent life.
  • Gilding the base area of the statue will help to get a promotion in a career or enjoying a stable job.
  • The belly area stand for prosperity, money, and endlessness wealth

Product Features:
Our Feng Shui Gold Sheets are made out of 24 Karat pure Gold
Save to eat in drinks and food (Food Grade)
Gold leaf size: 3.5 x 3.5 cm
Diameter: 0.01 – 0.02mm
Packaging: Each gold leaf is safely inside a unique paper cover

How to use:
You can keep the gold leaves inside the packaging and display as is in your money corner or
Use when paying respect to your god:
Do not touch the leaf with your hand.
Apply with a small brush a clear primer glue on the area first
Open the paper sheet and gently put on the area of choice

Feng Shui Cures/Enhancer Guide:

  • As gold belongs to the Metal Element, you can also cure Star 2 for illness and Star 5 for disaster with these gold leaves.
  • Further, the gold leaf also is suitable to enhance Star 6 Metal pushing job and career-related development to the next level.
  • Enhance future wealth Star 1, the Victory Star

Package Content:
Choose of desire quantity of 3.5 x 3.5cm Feng Shui Edible 24k Gold Leaf

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