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Molding Wax Dispo – Dual Action Bonder for Glossy Shine


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65 in stock

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Molding Wax by Dipso for an innovative Hair Style

Give texture and volume to your hair with ease. It is suitable for sculpturing and shaping any hairstyle. By taking advantage of the micro polymers bind in Dual Action, the hair will get a flexible hold along with shine, conditioning, and elasticity. Due to its unique composition, it doesn’t leave a tacky feel on the hair.
Dipso Molding Hair Styling Wax is widely used by professionals but also individuals at home to give a glossy look for an amazing hairstyle.

SETTING POWER: 3 (out of 6)1= Light/6=Strong
SHINE EFFECT: 5 (out of 6)1=Matte/6=Shine

Application Area:
Your own unique Hair Style
Hair Wax for professional Salon use.

Delivery Content:
1X50g Dipso Molding Hair Styling Wax Flexible Hold

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