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Thinning Razor Comb for Trim and Thin (3in1)


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56 in stock

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Professional Hair Cutting Razor Comb (mix colors)

  • Light weighted with free stainless blades
  • Strong and durable, suitable for salon use
  • Blazed are very easy to replace once worn out
  • Create your own scene style (shorten, shape, thin hair)
  • Thinning of hair

What is a razor comb used for?
As you might suggest, it is a comb with a razor on the inside. You can use the hair razor comb for thinning out the hair while creating your own funky style. In fact, many salons use this technique to create a unique frenzy hair style for their customers.
Well, you do not need to take the trip to the salon as the easy to handle razor comb can do its job right inside your home.

Sometimes your hair just becomes so thick that at some point the hair sticks together like a chewing gum. The razor comb will come to your rescue to unfrizzle all the hair.

Regardless of your hair length and structure, you can use the comb in a universal way. There are no limitations of hairstyles and please try to change the razor blade once you notice the blades are not as sharp to cut the hair.  In summary the thinning comb for hair is suitable for:
hair thinning

  • creating your own hair shape
  • change your hair style
  • Shave and trim your hair

1. Devide your hair into sections that need to be shortened or thinned out.
2. Place the Razor Comb above the section for thinning/shortening and slightly without pressure move downwards to the end. Do not put extrem pressure on the comb as the razors will easily cut the hair.
3. Repeat this step a couple times until you can notice that all the hair in this sections are being cut/thinned out the way you like it.
4. If you have thick heavy hair a common technique is to comb the hair in upwards directions. It is commonly used at the back side and front side of your hair to avoid any scalp cutting
5. Trendy hairstyle: Many stylist use a combination of downward and upward moving of the comb to create a unique hair style pattern Package

Package Content:
1x Hair Razor Comb (random color)
5x Replacement Feather Blades
Please note: We ship a random color

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