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Feather Hi Stainless double edge Blades (10, 30, 50, 100)


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Feather double edge Razor Blades for a smooth Shaving Experience

  • Made out of STAINLESS STEEL with PLATINUM coating
  • Aerodynamic Design for secure handling and firm grip
  • Double Edge Safety Blades
  • Made in Japan (Best Quality Guarantee))

The Feather Hi Stainless Blades are one of the leading edge and sharpest blades on the market. Made out of Stainless Steel with platinum-coated to archive the best quality for shaving or cutting purposes. Feather Hi Stainless Blades are being used by professionals in hair salons around the world.

If you are looking for excellent and reliable Feather Hi Stainless Blades for your daily shaving, these are the blades that everyone is talking about. The new, razor-coated, new Platinum-coated stainless steel razor is widely regarded as the sharpest blades in the world. In the shaving industry, the brand “Feather” has become well known for its razor sharpness.

Little known facts about the Feather Brand:
The manufacturer’s location is Japan, and none of the factories are outsourced to other countries. Their main field of expertise is producing medical supplies for hospitals such as cutting knives or scissors being in daily use during surgeries. As of the high-quality standards, Feather expanded its reach to deliver the best and most reliable safety Feather double edge razor blades. Only the highest quality materials are used for the production of the blades. These stainless steel Feather Hi Stainless Blades are imported from Japan, coated with white gold for durability, flexibility, and the sharpest cutting edge. They are one of the most acclaimed and consistent razor blades on the market today. Try them and see how they have earned an excellent reputation among professional barbers.

When shaving, it does not require a lot of pressure when using a safety razor. The weight of the head should give the appropriate weight for the feather blade to use.

Use only when you have a lot of foam on the face. Don’t use on dry skin as you might cut yourselves. Never use with cheap shaving foam as it does not provide enough lubrication for this Feather double edge razor blades.

Choice your quantity of 10, 30, 50, or 100 of the Feather New Hi Stainless

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