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Dorco Double Edge Platinum Stainless (10, 30, 50, 100)


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Dorco Razor Blades Platinum Hi-Stainless Double Edge

Dorco, a South Korean company, develops and manufactures over 60 years of outstanding high-grade razor blades. The brand was little well-known outside of Korea and Southeast Asia, but the trend as changed. Due to its enormous popularity, Dorco expanded in recent years globally, bringing great shaving comfort to many happy customers. To illustrate this better, let’s put this in numbers; over 20 billion razor blades have been sold so far in over 130 countries worldwide.

Dorco has been providing the highest satisfaction for customers from all over the world. The shaver has been manufactured precisely and with quality, suitable for everybody’s needs.

It is crucial to have the correct angle to cut the hair correctly without irritating the skin. The razor blades are for both male and female with its razor-sharp double edges designed for a sharp and smooth shaving experience.

Your advantages:
Suitable for all types of razors: high-quality Korean blades manufactured to suit double different safety razors.
Helps to shave well: keeps the shaving blade close to the skin, so you don’t have to do daily shaving.
Remember, that shaving less can help reduce skin irritation as the more shaving you do, the more irritating you’re facial might get. Especially for very sensitive skin, it is a huge advantage.

Change the blades on a regular basis when you notice the sharpness lessens.
The time to change highly depends on the weather condition and how to store it.
In general, the blades that are replaced after shaving two to three times will help to shave closer to the skin, and it is less likely to cause any kind of injuries such as skin irritations or razor burns.

If you are a novice in wet shaving, you need to practice the technique prior to a less aggressive and softer blade as these are less forgiving blades.

Package Content :
10,30,50,100 Hi-Stailess Steel Dorco Razor Blades

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