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Skin Recovery Cream Smooth E Gold 30g


88 in stock

88 in stock

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Smooth E Gold Cream to reduce premature wrinkles

  • Reduces premature wrinkles
  • Enjoy a dull spot-free facial skin
  • With natural Vitamin E, C, and A
  • Enjoy natural Protein from marine complex
  • Reduces dark spots for a smooth and even skin

No question, this natural skin recovery cream from Smooth E is worthy of being applied to your skin. There is no question that a dull-looking face causes a complete crisis in every women’s mind. The confidence drops to its lowest point, and the bad mood kicks in. The Smooth E Gold Cream comes to your rescue as it will repair dull facial spots and ultimately let your skin recover back to its old beauty. Yes, the cream is the confidence booster as suddenly your smile becomes bright and radiant. Of course, if you suffer from premature wrinkles and dull spots due to environmental issues (pollution or menopause), the natural complex of Vitamin A, C, E provides the much needed moisturize and rejuvenation of the cell tissues.

Combined with the marine fish protein complex, the skin recovery cream adds Protein and Collagen into the skin’s most profound levels. Collagen is a type of fiber that also the human body produces. However, due to natural aging, the body cannot produce the amount needed for the skin to stay strong. The Smooth E Gold Cream injects Collagen power dose right into the facial skin cells to maintain a strong foundation. You can say it is like super glue bonding the cells tightly together: the result: A firm, tight, smooth, and wrinkle free skin structure.

Direction of how to use the cream:

  • Apply the cream on a clean face so that no pores are clogged
  • Avoid the eye areas because here the skin tends to be most sensitive
  • Besides the face, also apply to the neck so that the skin does not sag
  • Apply the cream by hand to get most effective results
  • Perform a massage with a circular motion to make the skin firmer and smoother
  • Repeat twice daily (morning and evening)

This is what you get:
1 x 30 g Smooth E Gold Cream (Skin Recovery Cream)


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