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Ponds Miracle Firm and Lift Day Cream 50g


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Ponds Age Miracle Day Cream 50g to Firm and Lift Skin

  • Skin firming and lifting in turbo speed
  • Premium ingredients
  • Serum formula with Retinol-C Complex
  • Reduces skin sagging and wrinkles
  • With SPF 30 PA++ sun screen protection

If you are getting older, it is natural that the skin is not as firm as it was years ago. For example, skin sagging, developing wrinkles, and aging spots are just a few signs that the face skin matures. The Ponds miracle comes to the rescue and tackles all the age-related problems. The Retinol-C Complex of the Ponds Age Miracle firm & lift will make your skin again beautiful and youthful as it was before. Indeed, you now look like in the twenties. If you are still doubtful, give it a try, and you will see how easy the light cream texture fuses into one with your skin cells. The premium vitamins and antioxidants of the Ponds firm and lift will penetrate into the deepest skin layers to fulfill the miracle you have long desired. Undoubtedly, the cells will get a lot of nutrition moisture injected, helping the sagging skin structure become more firm, and therefore it has lifting properties. You can compare it with drinking a sports drink while exercising to get the power to reach your goal. It is the same for the skin; the boosters of the Ponds Age Miracle day cream 50g let the skin enjoy its new strength once again. Yes, even the most stubborn skin damage very deep in the cell structure is repaired as the moisture and nutrients stay right there before. Please remember to reduce your alcohol consumption as it roughens and dehydrates the skin causing the face to prematurely age faster. Also, a regular exercise routine improves the blood circulation-boosting the immune system and makes you more younger looking.

Ponds Miracle – How to use the cream:

The Ponds miracle cream is very easy to use. Simple apply a small amount of the cream onto cheeks and forehead> Tap the cream in a circular motion until absorbed. Once a day in the morning is sufficient and choose the night cream before going to bed.

Delivery Content:
1 X Ponds Miracle – Firm and Lift day cream 50g


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