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Ponds Day and Night Cream (Age Miracle) Set


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Ponds Age Miracle Day and Night Cream Set

  • Enjoy the benefits of both: day and night for complete anti-aging protection
  • 24 hour nonstop wrinkle reducing properties
  • Save money compare to buying each cream version separately
  • With Cell-Regen Serum Concentrate for a younger looking facial skin

Enjoy the benefits of both Ponds day and night cream with unique natural ingredients and Vitamins to have the best possible anti-aging effects.

Benefits and uses of the Ponds Age Miracle Day cream:

The day cream comes with an SPF 18 PA++ sun protection against all the UV rays. The sunblock disguises dark spots and freckles, which is a significant feature to reduce premature skin aging. As the cream puts a very effective sun-blocking layer on the skin’s top surface, it will help against free radicals and locks all the nutrients, moisture, and Vitamins inside the cell structure. There is no escaping; therefore, the skin is rebuilt to its young strength with Ponds’ integrated retinol formula. The Ponds day and night cream (price see above) contain six very powerful anti-aging ingredients to tackle problems and restore the skin back to its teenage times in only two weeks. How wonderful and great it must feel to enjoy a young and smooth looking skin like you had years before.

Benefits and uses of the Ponds Age Miracle night cream:

After a successful day out doing your regular routine and enjoying the benefits as mentioned earlier of the day cream, it is time to apply the night version before heading to bed. Once you are in your most profound dreams, the cream’s ReGen main active ingredients are still working overtime for you to strengthen the skin cell so that all fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. Yes, the cream is different from others as it will take care of up to 20 different kinds of skin aging. During the night, the concentrated moisture regenerates the skin for a radiant, glowing, younger look. Yes, you will look years younger than your actual age! This is a promise made by the Ponds Institute to you.

How to use the Ponds Age Miracle day and night cream:

  • Day Cream: Start your day after a peaceful and relaxing night’s sleep by washing your face throughout
  • Next, apply the day cream on the clean skin by circular upward movements and wait until the cream is fully absorbed.
  • Night Cream: In the evening before going to bed, rewash your face to cleanse out all the day-long free radicals which were attacking and damaging the skin.
  • Once the face is clean and clear, apply the night cream in the same manner as the day cream. Wait before the cream is fully absorbed before going to sleep.

Value Package Content:
1 Set of Ponds day and night cream (Age Miracle Formula)

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