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Ponds Age Miracle Night Cream 10g, 50g (Wrinkle Corrector)


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Ponds Age Miracle Retinol Night cream with wrinkle corrector

  • Retinol-C extract for wrinkle reduction during sleep
  • Maintain an active, vibrant, and healthy skin
  • Vitamin B3 for a firm and radiant glow
  • Visible wrinkle reduction in under two weeks
  • Recommendation: Use the Ponds Age Miracle night cream in conjunction with the day cream for quicker results.

The Retinol-C Complex licensed by Ponds is a concentrated mixture of Vitamin B3 and other natural ingredients to stop skin aging and maintain a youthful-looking and glowing skin cell structure. The cream’s complex serum will go into the deepest skin layers to strengthen them so that wrinkles and fine lines will disappear. Enjoy a fresh look in the mirror once you wake up to enjoy a beautiful smile on a wrinkle-free face. How wonderful life can be! Any premature aging can be prevented with ease to make the skin look younger. The focal point and secret of the Ponds Age Miracle Retinol night cream lie inside the unique formula with six nature-active ingredients to rejuvenate the skin up to 10 times faster than s regular anti aging cream. Of course, the creams reduce fine lines and wrinkles, evens out the skin tone, and fades away any dark spots you might have.

In our years of being in the beauty sector, we cannot stress-out that using the Pond Age Miracle wrinkle corrector night cream is just one essential factor besides others. Before using the cream, cleanse your skin gently but adequately to remove any pollution and makeup substances. During our daily lives, many factors can irritate the skin and cause premature aging. Therefore, profoundly washing your face twice daily in the morning and evening is a must to avoid skin irritation. To regain your youthful appearance, apply the Ponds Age Miracle night cream (10g or 50g) every day as it injects the much-needed nutrients and moisture you might lack. Enjoy a gentle, sting-free, and smooth night cream for the best and most joyful creams.

How to use:
After washing your face with a good fash wash to get rid of all the radicals the skin accumulated during the day, apply the Ponds Retinol extract cream evenly over the face. Start from the bottom at the chin moving in an upward motion. Let the cream fully absorb before going to bed. Use daily and in combination with the day cream if needed.

Package Content:
1 x Ponds Age Miracle night cream 10g or 50g

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