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Ponds Age Miracle Kit: Full Set of Day, Night Cream and Face Foam


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88 in stock

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Ponds Age Miracle products Full Set Kit of Cream and Face Foam

  • Full kit of day, night, and face wash foam
  • Take your anti-aging treatment to new levels
  • Quick results when using the complete set daily
  • With Regen Cell Serum Complex to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Suitable for women over the age of 30

The Ponds Age Miracle kit contains the day cream, night cream, and the face wash foam. Take advantage of the Pond’s Regen Cell serum complex formula during all of your cosmetic and cleaning routines in the morning and evening. Start using the face wash right after waking up in the morning to rejuvenate the skin and thoroughly cleanse it. Once the active facial foam got rid of all the pore cloaking free radicals, it is time to apply the day cream with SPF 18 PA++ sun protection during the day. Not only does the cream protect you, but it also will regenerate the skin to make it look brighter, wrinkle-free, and softer.

With the Ponds Age Miracle kit (price see above), you can enjoy young-looking skin right in the morning, lasting all day. Wrinkles and fine lines are the first sign of premature aging of the face. Doing facial expressions, which we cannot avoid, the fines lines are least, should look smooth and silky. The day and night creams, as well as the face wash, adds collagen into the cell structure to let the skin become more elastic while you put a smile on your face. All the Ponds Age Miracle products have the best antioxidants from various Vitamin complexes to stimulate the facial cells to work optimally. Now, you do not have to be afraid of getting older because the Ponds Age Miracle full set rescues the skin from the daylong environmental impacts such as pollution, too much sun exposure, or bad lifestyle habits (smoking, etc.).

How to use the Ponds Age Miracle products kit to its full potential:

Beforehand, make sure the facial foam has cleaned your face before applying any cream. The foam will cleanse out any blemishes, and deep cleans all the dirty pores. Once this is done and the face has is dry, you can start using the day cream one time in the morning and the night cream before going to bed.

Features of the Ponds Age Miracle full set:

  • Face Wash: Cleans out blemishes, dirty pores from free radicals and adds anti-aging nutrients to the skin
  • Day Cream: Powerful wrinkle and fine line corrector with sunblock to protect the skin.
  • Night Cream: It regenerates the skin at night, even out the skin tone (black spots, freckles), and reduces wrinkles, fines lines.
  • Summary: You can use all the products regularly to torpedo yourself into a young-looking female.

Ponds Age Miracle full set contains:

The Ponds Age Miracle kit includes the following: 1 X Age Miracle Day Cream 50g, 1 X Age Miracle  Night Cream 50, 1 X Age Miracle  Facial Cream 100g


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