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Loreal Revitalift White Day Cream (Anti-Aging, Dark Spots) 50g


88 in stock

88 in stock


Revitalift White Day Cream with Anti-Aging protection

  • Fights over 15 different kind of skin aging problems
  • Anti-wrinkle and dark spot remover cream
  • reduces wrinkles and fixes dark spots at the same time
  • Look younger in age with a smooth baby-like feeling skin
  • Comes with SPF 18 to protect from sun rays

The Loreal Revitalift White Day Cream is not only a simple anti-aging cream to reduce wrinkles. No, it also fades away any unpleasant looking dark spots due to aging. Once a woman is getting older, the skin’s collagen production gradually reduces over time, making the skin look dull and lusterless. Of course, adding free radicals from pollution and the sun into the picture, the skin is in direr need of support. The Loreal Revitalift white day cream comes to your rescue as it is an allrounder to take care of any aspect of the skin’s health. As earlier mentioned, the Loreal Revitalift white takes care of over 15 different anti-aging problems. However, in order to avoid premature skin aging, some changes in your lifestyle are also necessary. Try to avoid too much sun exposure and protect your skin if you are outdoors with a suitable SPF. Next, learn about your facial expressions as these can also cause wrinkles. If you have a problem area, look into your mirror and mimic bad, anger, happiness expression and see how to change it.

Revitalift white day cream benefits:

  • The Revitalift white day cream fixes dark spots and reduces wrinkles due to the Vitamin B3 compound, which lightens skin pigmentation.
  • The SPF 18 sunblock protects the skin all day long from UVA and UVA rays, causing further skin deterioration and damage.
  • Pro-Retinol A is a useful ingredient that restores and thickens the epidermis skin cell structure. Once the cells regain their young and old strength, any wrinkles will disappear and fade away.
  • The smooth, creamy texture is delightful and refreshing on the skin once applied, and yes, it absorbs ultra-quick into the skin.

Apply a small amount of the cream on the skin and gently massage in a circular upward motion. Use once daily in the morning after your face wash

Package content:
1 x 50g Loreal Revitalift white day cream (Loreal whitening cream with anti-aging, anti-wrinkle features)


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