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Pueraria Mirifica for Men Oil for bigger breast 130ml


44 in stock

44 in stock

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Male breast enlargement cream oil from natural Pueraria Mirifica for men

  • the oil is 100% cold pressed from the Pueraria Mirifica root
  • it contains no fillers or other ingredients
  • best oil for male, and transgender as it is the strongest version worldwide
  • amazing results guaranteed

Although Pueraria Mirifica is mostly promoted as a herb for women, the effects it has on men are equally impressive. Pueraria Mirifica for men oil will help you get full breasts and fewer wrinkles.  This is a root that grows mostly in Thailand. It is used in Thailand’s traditional medicine for many years due to its remarkable effects on both women and men. As it contains phytoestrogens, it greatly boosts estrogen activity. This hormone is responsible for breast growth, among others. Since men have lower estrogen levels, their breast does not grow as big as women breast does. The male breast enlargement cream oil (extra strong) focuses exactly on that to help men that wish to have bigger breasts by only using natural means. Puerifica Mirifica for men oil continues to surprise as its action goes beyond natural breast enlargement. It aids immensely in transgender men as it reduces testosterone levels, making the skin smoother and the hair on their body less. It is a wonderful oil that will offer a complete transformation to men who seek it. Some extra benefits include:

  • Slowing of the aging process
  • Improved sex drive
  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Improved blood circulation

Pueraria Mirifica side effects male

More studies need to be contacted on the side effects caused by this herb, but we do know that it might produce the following:

  • Changes in weight (mainly in the breast tissue area)
  • Tenderness on the breasts
  • Bloating
  • Headaches
  • Cramps

Another critical point is that estrogens promote the growth of the breast tissue; therefore, there is a very low risk (under 0.5%) of breast cancer in cases of excessive overdose. It might also alter the hormone levels if taken incorrectly. Therefore, please use the cream oil only twice daily and not apply an excessive amount of oil at once.

Pueraria Mirifica male dosage

Researches have shown that 25 to 100 mg is a safe dose. The topical application of the Pueraria Mirifica for men oil with a gentle massage is highly recommended twice a day. This male breast enlargement cream oil is fantastic for men that want to increase their breast size, improve their libido, and inhibit their testosterone levels.

Pueraria Mirifica for Men before and after real case photos:

WOW BUST Before After1

WOW BUST Before After 2

100% Pueraria Mirifica for Men Oil from Wow Bust (pure, no fillers)

1X Bottle WOWBUST Oil (Contains 130ml/4.39oz)

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