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New Kitchen Hacks 2020

We have summarized for you the best and amazing new kitchen hacks of 2020. These tips will save you a lot of time, nerves, and money. A must know for every serious cook in the kitchen. Most of the tricks are used by all the famous chef cooks around the world. Get insider tips which you have never heard of before:

1. Make Clear Ice Cube Kitchen Hack

kitchen hacks ice cubes

Clear ice cubes look much prettier as the cloudy version of it. No doubt, as the clear ones are, in fact, also healthier. It is quite easy to do the clear ice cubes. You only need to use boiling water instead of the regular tab- or bottled water.

  • Let the water boil for at least 2-3 minutes
  • Cool off the boiled water until it reaches room temperature
  • Pour the boiled water into regular ice cube trays
  • Freeze them – that it’s!

2.  Use back of a spoon for butter Hack

The back of the spoon is much better suited to cut butter to spread on your bread as a regular knife. Why, because a knife has many inconsistent clumps as the back of the spoon never has this issue. Try it out!

3. Straighten money bills – Kitchen Hack

In case you find crumpled money bills inside a pocket during laundry, it is quite challenging to put them back into the wallet. Use a straightening iron and move just ONE TIME over the money bill to straighten it. Now, it is beautiful and straight and fits again nicely in your wallet.

4. Tic Tac Kitchen Kitchen Hack

tic tac kitchen hacks

As you might know, buying spices in bigger packaging is much cheaper than the smaller container versions. But, the bigger packaging is not easy to handle when it comes to preparing the food. One of my favorite kitchen hacks is to fill up my empty Tic-Tac containers with different spices and label them. Once it is time to do my food seasoning, these little containers are straightforward to use and do not take up a lot of space on my countertop.

5. Broken Microwave handle Kitchen Hack

kitchen hacks microwave

There are times of emergency when unforeseen things happen around the kitchen. One might be a broken handle of the microwave due to overuse or just poor quality. Instead of replacing the whole microwave and spend a fortune on it, simply replace it with a bathroom handle with junction cups.

6. Muffin Tray as Tablet/Phone Stand Kitchen Hack

kitchen hacks muffin tray tablet

In case you need to have your recipe instructions right in front of you or just not willing to spend a lot of money on these expensive tablet/phone stands at the electronic store. A simple muffin tray will hold the tablet/phone tightly upright in its position. You do not have to worry anymore that the tablet/phone will fall.

7. Fit Two Bowl in Kitchen Hack

kitchen hacks microwave 2

This tip is handy to save time when you need to heat any leftover food. As many microwaves are too small, only one bowl fits in. A lot of times, your partner has to wait for his/her dish to be ready. As we all love to eat at the same time, place a coffee cup underneath the second bowl to create two levels inside the microwave.

8. Reduce Thawing Time Kitchen Hack

kitchen hacks ground meat

Always flatten the chicken, beef, or pork ground meat before letting it freeze. The thicker the substance, the longer it takes to unfreeze the meat. Once the meat is flat, it will significantly reduce your kitchen prep time as the thawing will be much quicker.

9. Vacuum freeze with a straw Kitchen Hack

Many people opt for the freezer to keep their food fresh. It doesn’t matter if it is meat, vegetables, fruit, or fish. The first step is to put the food inside a regular freezer zip-lock bag. However, the air is inside the bag, making the food not last that long. A straightforward way to solve this:

  1. Get a regular straw
  2. Have a freezer zip-lock bag ready
  3. Add the food inside the zip-lock bag
  4. Insert the straw at the side of the zip-lock bag
  5. Close the bag until the straw
  6. Suck all the air out of the bag
  7. Ready the food is now vacuumed and will last longer

10. Strawberry stem Kitchen Hack

kitchen hacks strawberry stem straw

Indeed, it is complicated and time-consuming to remove the strawberries stem. If we talk about one or two, it is not an issue, but removing the stem from tens or hundreds of strawberries can develop very quickly into some real headache. A straightforward, but still efficient trick is sticking a bigger straw from the opposite side into a strawberry. Move the straw all the way through the strawberry until the stem stick on top of the straw. That’s it!

11. Make Tea out of Jam Kitchen Hack

A very simple and so delicious trick. Choose your favorite jam flavor and add 3-4 tablespoons into a cup of water. Heat in the microwave to get your delicious hot flavored jam tea.

12. Frying Hack Kitchen Hack

Use the ring of a sliced onion to fry an egg. The ring is perfect as a border for the egg white not to spread all over the skillet.

13. Keep Salad Fresh Kitchen Hack


Whenever you buy salad packed in plastic bags from the supermarket, there are only two ways to keep the rest of the salad fresh for later use. Either you put the leftover salad in a plastic box or you can do the following:

  1. When using the scissor to open the salad bag, do not cut open the bag all the way to the end
  2. Leave around 7- 9 cm of the plastic and use the plastic to lace-up the bag
  3. The plastic bag is now nicely closed and sealed for the salad, staying fresh for a longer time.

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14. Cutting Board & Trash Kitchen Hack

kitchen hacks cutting board trash

Have a wood cutting board with hole right over the trash bin. It makes it very easy to dispose the unusable parts of vegetables, meat, fish, fruit, and all other food prep leftovers.

15. Cherry Pit Removal Hack

kitchen hacks remove cherry pits

Isn’t it annoying to spit out the cherry pit one by one while eating these delicious little red fruits? Also, it becomes a nightmare to remove all the pits when baking a cherry pie. The straw, as always, comes to the rescue:

  1. Place the cherry on top of an empty bottle
  2. The cherry stem should be facing downward
  3. Get a straw and stick through the cheery
  4. The cherry securely stays on top of the bottle, but the pit falls right inside.

16. Smash Garlic Easy Hack

kitchen hacks smash garlic

Don’t waste your time to peel each garlic clove individually. It is time-consuming and not necessary. In only three quick steps, life becomes much easier:

  1. Smash the whole garlic with a porcelain plate
  2. Put all the smashed garlic inside a plastic box and shake for 30 seconds
  3. Open the box and take out the ready garlic cloves for cooking

17. BLT Sandwich Hack

kitchen hacks blt sandwich

When doing a BLT sandwich and you like to have the outside crispy, but the inside of the toast soft, place two slices of toast into the same toaster slot.


kitchen hacks bagel cd box

The old CD boxes are just perfect to put a lunch bagel inside. Use it as a bagel tote and take your bagel to the office to eat. Take a look at your old stuff if you still find one CD box. Of course, cleaning first all the dust before putting the bagel inside is a no-brainer. 


kitchen hacks boiling water spoon

Over and over, it is proven that by placing a wooden spoon over a boiling water pot will prevent the water from over-spilling. How it works, the spoon will pop the bottles from the hot water. Once there are not many bubbles left, the hot water will reduce itself automatically.


kitchen hacks cutting corn

You might know very well that cutting corn is a little bit challenging due to its form. You can use a cake pan, place the corn on top and start cutting the kernels off. All the kernels fall nicely into the pan.


It happens that a small piece of an eggshell is still floating in the egg-white. To remove it, wet the tip of your finger and touch the shell piece. It will stick, and you can easily remove it now.


Cheery tomatoes are small and very difficult to cut. Get two of the same plates, put the tomatoes on top of one plate, and cover with the second plate. Now, use a big knife, hold the plate tight, and slice the tomatoes in half. No more finger cutting with this hack.


Put the unripe bananas on an oven tray for a couple of minutes. Due to the heat, the bananas will ripen in an instant.


Cakes, especially chocolate, tend to dry up very quickly once leaving it in the fridge for a couple of days. Put a piece of cake into the microwave for 3 seconds to let the chocolate melt, and it will become a fudge type cake. Enjoy!



If the cocoa powder runs out of stock and there is no time to buy a new pack in the supermarket, as you are right in the middle of baking. What to do?

Crumble the chocolate cookies with your hands in very fine pieces and use a sieve to dust over the cake


Use one part Baking Soda and one part cream of Tartar. Now you have your baking powder


Avoid a sticky top on a muffin; the best is to transfer the muffins on a cooling rack. The rack should be completely cold and then cover the muffins up. Avoid any kind of moisture.


Add some oil on the baking sheet and then put the baking paper on top carefully. The oil makes the paper stick better

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kitchen hacks taco oven

Keeping the Taco upright during baking is a challenge. A straightforward and efficient trick is to place balls of aluminum foil in between each Taco.


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