Why Himalayan Salt is bad for you

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Don’t get lured into the thinking process that the expensive kind of salts is actually healthier as the regular table salt.  The salt industry and many natural supplement companies show you only the great health benefits. However, are the fancy Himalayan pink salt or other luxury labeled ones really are better? This article tells you some hidden secrets you have never heard of before.

As salt contains over 97% of Natriumchlorides, 2% of sodium and mainly under 1% various minerals, the benefits of the advertised minerals are almost zero percent. Keep in mind to limit your daily intake, but not avoid it completely. Our body needs sodium to function but in limited moderation. Obey a low salt diet to lower blood pressure and avoid heart attacks.

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Table Salt

The salt is being mined from deep below the ground. If a chamber of salt is found, water will be pumped in to dissolve it into a saltwater liquid state. Afterward, the mixture is being pumped out and chemically cleaned in 600-degree heat. Once this process is finished, the salt is bleached and food additives are being added to have this nice powder-like form. Is it healthy, not really?

Fleur de Sel Salt

This highly priced salt is being found and handpicked at the edges of the sea basin where deposits of the very hard and gritty formed salt can be found.  As the salt deposits are most of the time near human environments, a high rate of contamination such as plastic or heavy metal particles can be found. Some laboratories have already confirmed this during various testing of all kind of salts. Unfortunately, the law has not limited the contamination particles upper limit levels and farmers can harvest and sell as is.  I think you would not be happy to eat plastic with your meal, aren’t you?

Gris Salt (Grey)

This salt purely comes from the Celtic Ocean region in France being harvested in clay ponds set up by farmers around the ocean. Studies have shown that the salt contains about 30-35 more sodium as the regular table salt. Given this point, is much stronger a less daily intake is required in order that you do not eat too much.

Black Lava Salt

Interesting in eating lava particles with your salt. If yes, the black lava salt is a go. Stop, not so quick! The salt is exposed to lave rock which is sulfur based. Sulfur is quite a dangerous chemical that humans should not be exposed to. If you eat the black salt, the tiny sulfur particle will be absorbed by your bloodstream and could build dangerous blood clots or cancerous cells over time.

Himalayan Pink Salt

The beautiful pink color of this salt does come from the iron oxide mineral. Over thousands of years, this mineral fused with the natriumchloride together creating the color.  If you believe that the salt really does come from the Himalayan mountain, you are totally fooled. As a matter of fact, around 200 km from the mountain region in Pakistan the salt is being mined from the underground. The Pink Salt does come from the same source as your regular table salt. With this in mind, you do pay 30-40% more with no proven health benefits.

Regular Sea Salt

For the purpose of getting the salt out of the regular ocean water, narrow basins are being filled up. The farmer now needs to wait until the water is completely evaporated until a thin salt crust is visible. Although the salt does contain iodine, it is such a small amount to gain any real benefit from. It is the second most popular salt sold worldwide with a 20% market share.

Smoked Salt

This salt comes mainly from Denmark which has a very aromatic flavor. As it is smoked for around 7-14 days with different kind of trees such as oaks, alder wood, or hickory. It is great for seasoning for BBQ meats of all kind due to its unique flavor. However, the base salt is either regular sea salt or table salt.

Persian Blue Salt

As a matter of fact, this salt is actually not blue due to minerals. Because in geology terms it is said that due to the tectonic structure of the mineral Sylvite the salt has a shimmering blue shine. In case you are curious, this rare salt can only be mined in Iran. Yes, you have heard it right, it is again mined in a regular salt mine where also regular salt does come from.

Other Mainly Unknown Forms of Salt:

Hawaiian Sea Salt /Coarse Salt / Dead Sea Salt /Dendritic Salt / Epsom salt /Hawaiian Sea Salt /Coarse Salt /Finishing Salt /Curing Salt / Truffle Salt /Seasoned Salt / Guava Salt /Flake Salt / Kosher Salt /Pickling Salt / Organic Salt / Rock Salt /Seasoned Salt /  Large salt /Umami Salt



The World Health Organization recently announced that over 2.5 million deaths due to high salt intake could have been prevented each year. A maximum of 5 grams of salt is necessary for your body to function. Everything over this limit will increase the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attacks. Due to the fact that salt regulates your body fluids efficiently, a high level will disturb this balance significantly.

Your body will store more and more water over time which caused the blood pressure to increase steadily to a dangerous point. The bottom line, choose your salt that you personally like. Might it be in form, taste, or you just love the color. All salts are the same and at the end none are more healthier than the others. Take care of your body – obey a low sodium diet

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