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Your outfit cannot steal the limelight until and unless your hairstyle is done perfectly and adequately. A right hairdo enhances your beauty and adds elegance to your outlook. You can find what suits you best by experimenting with various hairstyles. Trendy hairdos do not work well if they do not suit your face cut. It’s important for you to pick yourself the hairstyles that make you look good and then later categorize them with your outfits i.e. either formal, casuals, or semi-formals.

Your hair length does not matter as you can style any length of hair, for instance you can add hair clips, hairbands or silk scarves to style your short hair. Reading the following tips will provide you with a variety of hairstyles with different types of outfits and you can try them all and pick one that looks best:

Hairstyle for Casual Outfit

hairstyle casual outfits

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Casual outfits are those that we wear in our daily routine. They range from jeans and top to knee-length frocks or dresses. Casual outfits are supposed to be comfortable and easy to carry. Likewise, casual hairdos are meant to be less time-taking and are meant to make you feel pretty and keep your hair from distracting you while you work or study.

Messy buns are always the first option when it comes to casual hairstyles, they do not only make you look voguish, but are also easy to make. The other best option is always a ponytail, but not everyone knows how to make a perfect ponytail.

Making a puff and then a ponytail of hair at the back is helpful for those with less volume of hair. Braids never get out of fashion. Be it a French braid or a simple one, every kind of them always works well and is handy with casual outfits. If you have short hair, then half-tied hairs are an opportunity for you to change your outlook.

Avoid using hair sprays, serum, straighteners or curlers for casual hairstyles.

Hairstyle for Semi Formal (Formal)

hairstyle formal outfits

There is a very thin line between semi-formal and formal outfits and mostly people categorized their outfits as either simple or formal. Semi-formal or formal dresses are those that are worn on special occasions like bridal showers, birthdays or weddings, etc.

So, hairstyles are the same for both. If you have long or medium-sized hair, then hair-styling is quite easy for you. The first and easiest options are to either dead straight your hair with a good hair straightener, or you can curl them. Straightening your hair is quite easy and doesn’t need much sprays or serums to keep intact their texture.

However, if you have ample time to prepare for an event, you should definitely try curling them. If you have short hair then you can get vintage curls like Marlin Monroe, or simple wavy look with few hair accessories like an embellished hairpin will add glamour to your appearance.

On the contrary, if you have long hair or of medium length, then you should try side bun with few untied wavy hair strands at the front. If you want to steal the show with your long hair, opt for waterfall or front head braid with wavy untied hair at the back. If you have medium-length hair, then you should try either a retro ponytail or a sleek bun.


Ever wondered why everyone loves the Disney princess Rapunzel? Because of her hair.

Hair is the most important feature of you, and they contribute to your looks more than you think. You can dress like a princess, but a bad hairdo can make you look like a homeless person. We usually read a caption on Instagram saying, ‘good hair day’, what makes people say that is the pleasure and satisfaction they get when their hair is perfectly done.

To choose the best hairstyle as per your face and features, you should experiment often in your free time. It’s totally fine to repeat your hairstyle, because why not always opt for a thing that guarantees you a pretty outlook? A good hairstyle makes you self-confident and helps you boost your productivity either at work or in your studies.

Your good looks are way more important than you think. Take care of your hair because they can make an ordinary outfit glamorous. Style your hair to perfection because you deserve to be beautiful!


Guest Post by Arlene W.

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