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Home>Hair / Beauty Tips, Hair Trends and Tips>Hair color for tanned skin: 18 Photos and Tips!

Hair color for tanned skin: 18 Photos and Tips!

author oh

March 2, 2021

StyleHairCare Team

Home>Hair / Beauty Tips, Hair Trends and Tips>Hair color for tanned skin: 18 Photos and Tips!

Hair color for tanned skin: 18 Photos and Tips!

author oh

March 2, 2021

StyleHairCare Team

tanned skin brown hair

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If you have tanned skin and looking to change your hair or wonder what would suit you best but not sure which color shade to choose? Our editorial team spoke to industry leaders to select the perfect hair color for tanned skin and even learn how specific hair colors can lighten your skin. The search for the perfect hair color for tanned skin is something that accompanies many women but is afraid it will look dull because the skin tone is too dark.

Several hair colors fit perfectly for tanned skin. It is common to adopt a color of the latest fashion trend, but many will regret it later because it did not match the skin tone at all. I am sure some of you are very familiar with this situation. For women to make the right decision, it is imperative to consider the skin tone, as some nuances can alter the look. How do I choose the hair color for tanned skin of the dye according to your skin?

Before selecting the ideal color, it is essential to identify your brown skin tone. Just like hair colors, skin tones have different nuances. By identifying your skin tone, it will be easier to choose the perfect hair color. In addition to observing your skin tone, the desired color has to match with your personality. After identifying your skin tone, it’s time to know the hair colors that best suit you:

  • Natural brown skin tone – Recommended hair color: brown, auburn red, and closed blondes
  • Light brown skin tone – Recommended hair color: Brown, black, coppery red, and hot blondes – honey and caramel, for example
  • Dark brown skin tone – Recommended hair color: brown, black, wine red, honey blondes, coppery or golden

Hair color for tanned skin (natural, medium tone): 

A deep black or brown hair color will make a face look brighter. In principle, you should always choose a hair color for tanned skin that is either two nuances lighter or darker than the current skin tone. If you stick to this principle, a natural black is one option to highlight the contrast of hair and skin.

Also, dark-skinned celebrities like Gina Torres or Beyonce ask for hair tones with a natural aspect as the hair color and skin tone should not clash, as earlier mentioned. Tones like dark brown or light brown look tremendous and enhance the skin tone. For example, those who love red hair should opt for a darker red shade like an auburn red. You can also choose a natural look with brown hair but adding some honey hue highlights along the length.

Experiment with any trendy pastel hair colors in purple, pink, or blue

photo credit: sshanihi, Instagram

The pastel colors work well on any skin tone regardless if it is dark or light. The current hair color for tanned skin trend is pastel pink, purple to refresh your image. Of course, you can also go for the bolder blue or green colors. A tip from our editorial team: Wait a little bit for the color to fade, which will enhance your tanned skin tone even more.

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Strawberry blonde to attract the most attention

photo credit: chrisgreenehair, Instagram

As the combination of strawberry red and blonde results in a very light color, it might not be suitable for light or dark tanned skin as the contract might be too extreme. However, if you have a medium, natural skin tone, this color will work wonders. It is highly recommended to talk to a salon professional first as they can very quickly pick out or mix the right tone to match your skin.

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Very soft ash gray to let the skin reflect brightly

photo credit: mrsamkwon, Instagram

In Europe, the USA, and Australia, a soft ash-gray or silver hair color is the latest hair color for tanned skin trend to go granny style. Yes, you will look different and draw the attention of by-passers. In case it would be too much, and you are rather a little bit shy but still love it, dye the ash-gray under the hair so that only a reflection of silver and gray will surface. Please remember to bleach your hair beforehand for the best ash-gray result.

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Go blonde highlights like the sand of the beach

Image Credit: kenny ku pinterest

To go completely blonde, we do not recommend it as it might look too flashy, but adding some blonde highlights to parts of your hair will give it the impression of a beach waves hairstyle.

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Hair color for tanned skin (lighter tone):

A light brown skin is asking for a more varied hair shade to enjoy a natural effect. For this reason, any brown and black go well to match a lighter brown skin tone. Indeed, the classic brown and black hues make you look very natural, but many women are simply bored with these ordinary shades as they will alter their unique beauty appearance. An alternative to spice up the hair is to select an auburn brown hue as the combination of brown and red looks stunning.

In case you do not like to dye the whole hair in this color, a highlight will make the hair look brighter. If you are a fan of reddish reflection, a coppery red will heat-up the look, but it is not too overwhelming. Please choose a warmer tone like a honey or gold blonde for all the hair color for tanned skin blonde lovers. An ombre shade looks best when dyed as a highlight from the roots to the hair’s tips.

Look more fresh with a burgundy ombre hair color

Image Credit: Molly Hernandez pinterest

If you worry that an ombre might not go well with your tanned skin, relax as the burgundy ombre is an excellent combination for a brighter, fresher look, but at the same time gives an elegant impression to your appearance.

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Caramel hair color with shiny reflection

Image Credit: davinescolor Instagram

Sometimes, it is best to add some shine to your appearance. The shiny caramel shade will add a glittery golden reflection to your overall beauty and therefore support your appearance very well.

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Soft honey shaded highlight or any brown with honey reflection

Image Credit: elise_luxury_hair_boutique Instagram

You can either choose to add some highlights in a warm but soft honey hue or go completely honey-wild with your whole hair. Please ensure that the honey tones are a few levels lighter than your skin tone to lift the contrast and let the skin appear more radiant. A much fresher look is guaranteed.

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Delicate brunette hair color the newest Korean trend

Image Credit: Chloe Hair Beauty, Facebook

Many Korean stars choose this delicate soft brown hair color as it goes well with light skin and works well with darker tanned skin. The contrast will give a distinct impression to make a face look brighter and younger.

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Deep violet or purple a sophisticated trend

Image Credit: meghanfelicionehair Instagram

Violet or purple shades do not have to be always bright and flashy. If you like to add some color to your hair but do not want to be the center point of attention, a dark shade is the most suitable. The color makes your brown eyes look more stunning and lightens up your face.

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Hair color for tanned skin (dark tone):

If you have a dark or black skin tone like the US celebrity Oprah Winfrey a more closed hair color is highly recommended, but some other shades also work very well. The favorites are dark brown and black, giving you a very natural look and highlighting your facial features very well. In case these two colors are too dull for you, choose a nuance with reflections or add some highlights from root to tip.

Further, dyeing the hair in a wine burgundy red or going blonde, a golden, copper, or honey tone gives the perfect balance for your beauty to stand out. Unquestionably, choose the right hair color for tanned skin from the range mentioned above that fits your type and style. The right hair color for tanned skin will further enhance the tone and leaves your hair in stunning and amazing light. Undeniably, your face and body skin will glow radiantly.

An elegant impression with a mahogany hair color

Image Credit: Vqued, Weheartit

If you want to add contrast and appear brighter and radiant, you can choose any mahogany color to support your appearance. Yes, the hue has a reddish tint to it but appears very dark to make you appear more natural in the office, but adds an elegant touch to your personality once outdoors.

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Silver-gray hair color to like your favorite hero character

Image Credit: amedufeu, Weheartit

This hair color gives off an edgy impression like the Storm character from Marvel. If you are a fan, give it a try, as the silver will nicely blend well with any darker skin. A little tip from us: Dye the hair roots for 2 – 4 cm in black with the rest of the hair in silver gray. It will give you the extra beauty touch to stand out and be unique.

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Add a luxurious look with a dark brown or mocha hair color

Image Credit: pixabay

As earlier mentioned, a dark brown will bring out the contrast and makes the skin look brighter. Take a look at different variations, choose the dark brown or mocha as the base, and then add some golden balayage or ombre. Also, a cherry mocha with a touch of dark red will bring warmness to your style.

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Pleasant copper or red-golden hair color

Image Credit: liz.colors Instagram

The copper and red-golden shades suit a dark-skinned woman very well. If you are not sure in the beginning if it matches your style and a complete hair dye of this color might be too much, apply the highlighting technique first to see if you like it.

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Natural walnut brown to go nuts (13)

Image Credit: hair_church Instagram

The walnut brown color is very suitable for all women with darker skin as it provides a nice contrast. At first, you might think it is just an ordinary dark brown hue, but at a closer look, a slight red hint will shine through to give the face a refreshing impression. Choose messy curls or go straight hairstyle for the best possible look.

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Chestnut brown color to brighten your face

Image Credit: productclub Instagram

If you have a very dark tan or skin, dyeing the hair or adding highlights in a chestnut brown hair tone will not only make you look trendy and modern no it also brightens your facial features instantly.

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