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Ashy Gray Hair – The best granny hair color Ideas

author oh

September 9, 2020

StyleHairCare Team

Home>Hair / Beauty Tips, Hair Trends and Tips>Ashy Gray Hair – The best granny hair color Ideas

Ashy Gray Hair – The best granny hair color Ideas

author oh

September 9, 2020

StyleHairCare Team

best silver hair color

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Change is good, but it’s even better when it takes only moments to transform your hair with our selection of the best ashy gray hair dye . If you like your hair, but it’s looking a little outdated, enhance your natural shade or go for a totally different granny hair color.

If you want a different color, you want to make sure the quality is excellent. This is a great insiders tip used by industry professionals for the best ashy gray hair colors. Designers, hair-stylists, make-up artists, and models love to work with good quality products for photo-shoots and fashion shows. Why? Because the results of the shades are stunning! Many designers add some hair color to get the last touch of their photo-shoots.

Whether you want to go for a complete hair reinvention, a daring color, or small changes to your current look, an ashy gray hair color dye, can modernize your style. Fortunately, some of today’s hottest styles are easily adaptable and require little commitment for those wary of a dramatic change.

Enhancing your natural shade or going for a totally different color are great ways to update your look in the new year. Choose the right granny hair color shade (dark, light, medium), so you can create an exciting new look for every occasion. Temporary colors are great for reflecting moods of the moment as permanent hair dyes will stay with you for much longer. The choice is up to you!

Do you love to crown your personal fashion statement? Do you like to carry the latest hairstyles? Then you will love this new granny hair color trend, currently used by industry professionals.

Ashy Gray Hair IDEAS:

The trendy ashy gray hair colors not only have fascinated celebrities but also it has gotten mainstream. We collected some of the most amazing, attractive, and chic looking silver hair photos below (click photo to enlarge):


The best 5 ashy gray hair dye products to go granny hair color wild!

A right quality hair product is a must to get the best possible result. Our Editor Team went out and tested a lot of silver platinum dyes. We have picked the five ashy gray hair color dye top choices for you. Look no further, as they are the best of the best:

Starlist Silver Hair Dye

The permanent hair color dye from Starlist will not disappoint you at all. The grey silver shade is leaning towards the darker end. The color lasts very long, and we have not noticed any washing out of the color even after six hair shampooing — an excellent choice for all silver hair lovers.

Dcash Master Permanent Silver Dye

The Schwarzkopf permanent silver hair color dye gives you a stunning metallic silver look. This is the right color choice for doing selfies for your social media posting. The color held very well, and we only noticed some slight hair root issues – but not a big deal! Overall it is a very light grey silver dye – Go for it as we just love it!

Pastel Grey Hair Dye

A semi-permanent conditioner that will turn your hair into a nice silver shade, and it has two advantages. First, it refreshes the tone of existing colors, or just add it on the hair for color infusion when washing your hair. Great, we just love it!

Demin Grey from Cruset

In case you have an allergy against some common hair dye chemicals, the natural Surya Henna color cream is an excellent choice. As it is a temporary dye, it will wash out after several hair washes. Nice and shiny color, and the result was archived without any problems.

Intense Grey Hair Dye

The temporary hair wax color is an excellent alternative to show your current mood for a short time. We like the texture of the wax, and the new hairstyle can be done in minutes. The best, all the ingredients are natural.


Platinum Silver Blonde Hair Color Dye result chart
Chart shows color result of current color vs color result

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Bleach First with Dark Hair

Getting the perfect silver platinum shade is decided by the quality of the hair color dye and the bleaching process of your hair. The above color result chart is a perfect illustration when things can go right or wrong. As you can see, you cannot avoid having your hair bleached with dark hair. Failure to do it will turn the hair into a brownish mix. The best result is to use a premium bleach kit as there are no yellow hair pigments left as with regular blonde bleaches.

Extend Color Result

A silver platinum hair color dye can quickly turn yellow after some time. In this case, you can use special revitalization shampoo to extend the hair color.

After-Dye Treatment Hair Care

As bleaching stresses the hair causing it to dry out, use treatments for dry hair to moisturize, and prevent breakage. Also, trim your hair regularly to avoid split ends and hair breakage.



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