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High Heels Pain: Tips to walk like a Model

author oh

September 3, 2020

StyleHairCare Team

Home>Fitness and Health Tips, Hair / Beauty Tips>High Heels Pain: Tips to walk like a Model

High Heels Pain: Tips to walk like a Model

author oh

September 3, 2020

StyleHairCare Team

how to walk in high heels

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In the ’80s plateau shoes were highly popular giving a woman some extra height. As the times were changing, at the beginning of 2000, high heels started to gain more popularity. Today, a lot of women suffer from high heels pain, but like to make a very strong fashion statement that they send into their surroundings, but we have to ask ourselves:

Are high heels a Curse and Blessing?

Benefits of wearing high heels

High heels have a much better reputation as many might think. By and large, our feet need variety by walking bare foot, wearing sneakers, or opting for a high heel shoe from time to time. As long as everything is done in a not exaggerated way, let the high heels be part of your life and avoid high heels pain.

Doing a work-out

Uh, doing a work-out, how? Yes, when wearing high heels you are actually doing a small workout. Since you have a feeling using your heels, the pelvic muscles are getting strengthened.

Feeling & Walking more Sexier

There is indeed some magic around a woman wearing high heels. No question, the shoe makes us walk more feminine and men tend to notice women more while wearing high heels. In case you are single, take advantage of it!

Heels & headaches

Heels shorten the calves, however the height of the shoes make you actually look taller. Another advantage is that with high heels you lift your feet much better off the ground as other female wearing flat shoes for example. Being that, posture problems are certain and can lead to headaches. Therefore, do not overdo wearing heels to avoid high heels pain over the long run.

Healthy Bladder

This was also quite some news for me. Surprisingly, I have stumbled upon a research from Germany that found out that the bladder health increases when a woman wears high heels that are at least 5 centimeter high. Who would have thought about that.

The Power of First Impressions

When meeting somebody, our subconscious mind gives us a split second hint of judgement if we like or dislike this person or not. The American anthropologist O. Smith discovered that women wearing high heels tend to gain better status and power when wearing high heels upon the first unconsciously impression by others.

The High-Heel Morse Code

Yes, we ladies can communicate in a way that men are not aware of. Being it in a meeting or out with friends, here are some of our secret Morse-Code meanings:

  • Click-Click: What a wonderful day, I am doing great. I love my shoes and I am satisfied with everything
  • ClickClickClickClick: Grrr, chick alert! What is she thinking, get out of here!
  • Click-Click-Click: Well done, everything taken care of. Now I can go over to my best friend for a chit-chat
  • Glag.Glag: Pssst. I need to be quiet now. Why are my shoes always so noisy
  • Cliiiiiick-Cliiiiiick: Puhh, I am tired. Time for bed now!
  • Cl……..: Damn it, I am stuck here. What should I do now.

Disadvantages that cause high heels pain

The most common complaint from women is high heels pain while wearing it over a longer period. Even when going out dancing in a club, wearing high heels are a must. A study has shown that over 40% of female, started to dance bare foot as the high heels pain was unbearable to take any more. Here are the most common complains of wearing high heels:

High Heels Pain 1: Inquiry of the Knees

Walking on high heels puts a lot of pressure on your knee joints. Once the cartilage of the joints is used up, Osteoarthritis can develop.

High Heels Pain 2: Hip & Spinal Pain

As the high heels force your body to walk in an abnormal posture, and the constant up and down movements, the hips start to get misalignment and straining sets in.

As I have said earlier, the body posture changes in such a way that also your back spinal will get problems. The spine will increasingly be curved. Some common issues are a pinched nerve, back pain, and muscle tissue problems caused by high heels pain.

High Heels Pain 3: Skin Blister

As your feet walk in an angle to the flat surface, the heel skin is rubbing constantly against the leather of the high heels. Sooner or later, the skin pops open and hurtful blisters will develop.

High Heel pain Relief Tips

OK, I do understand that we females cannot live without high heels, even we know that it is not the healthiest choice of shoes to wear. Here are some high heel pain relief tips for walking in heels without pain that help to prevent the most common problems:

  • GET THE CORRECT SIZE: Even if you fall in love with these high heels at a shoe store, always always get your correct size. It is way too common that we must have to have this shoe, no matter what. It the end, we opt for a number bigger or smaller size, just to have it. Either the feet move too much or are too tight squeezing the skin into the leather. As a result, walking becomes unbearable and painful. DO NOT DO IT!
  • TRAIN AT HOME: If this is your first pair of high heels, train at home or in your neighborhood until you get comfortable. Walking longer distances on uneven pavements, going up or down the stairs result in disaster.
  • USE HEEL PATCHES: Get some smaller heel patches to support your heels from rubbing against the shoe leather.
  • DON’T WALK LONG DISTANCES: High Heels are made for short distance walking and are under no circumstances suitable for mega marathon shopping seasons.
  • NO DANCING WITH HIGH HEELS: Another big no-no is going to the club with high heels and dance all night: Sneakers are the ones to choose in this case.
  • DO STRETCHING: As the muscles of the feet and calves are under intense pressure, regular feet stretching is highly recommended to avoid muscular pain.
  • WALK WITH A STRAIGHT BACK: As high heels are a little bit unstable to walk in, a balance of the body is needed. Always keep your posture to navigate the imbalance caused by the high heels

Some other useful high heel pain relief accessories to keep your feet in good shape:


As your toes are facing down towards the pavement at all times, they might get crushed at some point: GRAVITY!


It is always nice to have your feet nestling on a soft cushion of gel. The gel pads have a similar feeling as wearing running shoes. More comfort while wearing high heels and enjoy a relaxed foot in the evening. No more high heels pain, that’s for sure!


As many of us tend to wear the high heels barefoot, it is actually much more comfortable to wear a thin no show sock. By all means, the socks will avoid any skin friction with the shoes.


Apply a thin layer of anti-blister cream before wearing to avoid high heels pain. As a matter of fact, the cream adds a thin protection layer onto the skin making it impossible for blisters to develop.


In conclusion, wearing high heels are not as bad as often reported. Whenever, you have to urge to wear the shoes, do it with our precaution high heels pain relief tips in mind. As long as you do not dance or walk long distances in high heels, your sexiness will shine in your face!

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