I Forgot My Wifi Password – Tips to recover it

I forgot my wifi password

You are at home, a friend comes along and s/he wants to use your internet. S/he asks you for the wifi password, and suddenly you think “I forgot my wifi password” since all your devices connect automatically. This happens very often to many people for various reasons; Someone else set up the wifi connection for you, or you did it a long time ago and you cannot remember the password anymore, or you have always used your router’s default password.

Well, your friend will be happy as we will show you a few easy ways to retrieve your wifi password using your computer. We promise that you do not need to be an IT Administrator in order to follow our tips, therefore do not panic.

Tip 1 – Use your computer (For Windows)

There are 3 ways to find your wifi password in all versions of Windows. You will just need to follow the steps below, if you find yourself in the “Oh, I forgot my wifi password” situation.

Windows 8 and 10

Windows 10 and Windows 8 have the same theme, therefore, the steps below work the same on both.

On the down-right corner, find the Wireless network icon and right-click on it. Now, you will see two options. Click on the Open Network & Internet Settings, and a new panel will show up. Here, click on the Change Adapter Options. Next, find your wireless network and right-click on it. Select the Status option and then Wireless Properties, in the next panel select Security. Finally, click on Show characters and the password will be revealed in the Network security key box.

Windows 7

Similarly, to Windows 8 and 10, you need to open Network and Sharing center. Then, on the left side, you must click on the Manage Wireless Networks option. A list with all the wifi networks that you have previously connected to will pop-up. Here, double click on the network you want, and the Wireless Properties tab will open. Once again, click on Security and show characters; the password will be visible to you.


In case you want to show off to your friends, this is the geeky way to find your wifi password. Open a CMD window (In Windows 7 you can do this by typing CMD in run, in Windows 8-10 type CMD in the search).

Now type the following command: netsh wlan show profiles

Here you will see a list of all the networks that are saved on your computer. Find the one that you want to see the password, and then type the following command:

netsh wlan show profile name=profilename key=clear

*Please note that profilename needs to be changed to the name of the network you want to find the password out.

Once you hit Enter, you will see the password in the results.

Tip 2 – Only for default password

If you have many wireless devices in your home or office, then you need a reliable router to handle all your wireless traffic without issues. In this case, we suggest taking a look in our editor’s choice for a great router, that also has a very strong wifi password.

So, in order to see the default password, all you need to do is check the stick at the bottom of your router. There, you will see plenty of info about your router and the wifi password.

“I forgot my wifi password” – Easiest way to find it

If the above suggestions look like a hassle, then you can opt for this tip. Nirsoft created a small, portable program that will show you the password of all the saved wifi networks.

Download WirelessKeyView (works with all Windows versions). Now, go to the location you have downloaded the program and double click on it. The program will open, and it will show you a table with all the information for all the wireless networks that are saved on your computer.

On one hand, all the methods are easy enough, on the other hand, the easiest is to use WirelessKeyView. You can also save it in a USB stick and give it to your friends in case they find themselves in a similar situation.

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