Feng Shui Altar Placement Tips | DO’s & Don’ts

Feng Shui Home Altar Placement

Our world is divided into many different belief systems. Firstly, Feng Shui is not a Religion. It can be applied worldwide regardless of what your belief is. As a matter of fact, Symbolism does not play any role in Feng Shui. The 5-Elements and Yin & Yang Theory are where the importance lies in. At the same time, we are very well are aware that a home altar of your belief is welcomed into the home. Of cause, there are some guidelines that need to be followed:

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The Home Altar is a Fire Element which needs to be placed with great care. The Permanent Energy Chart of the home will give a clear answer of where and where not to put it. Be also careful to place a fish tank nearby as Water and Fire will clash.

Show Respect

The god should be honored at all cost. To show disrespect should not be allowed in any way. This to say, a god should never be placed on the ground or in an area that is unworthy.

The Placement / Location of the Altar:

As much as you like to place an altar in a desired area, watch out for these pitfalls:

This is not allowed:

  1. Do not place it under a beam or under a staircase. It literally means that you step on the head every time you go up and down the stairs.
  2. If a bathroom is upstairs or the altar is placed on a toilet wall, please look for another place as it shows no respect.
  3. The altar should be at least higher than the shoulder and nothing else should be above the altar. This means no A/C, no photos, or beams.
  4. A kitchen or bathroom door which faces the Altar is a big No No. These places are considered bad for gods as they are not considered the cleanest areas inside the home. Can you imagine if your god takes a peak of how to take a shower or sit on the toilet? In like fashion, the kitchen can become a battlefield when food is prepared. This messy view is for sure not suitable for an almighty god to look at.
  5. Keep the area clean around it. In all worship places, a polished atmosphere is in place to be in peace.
  6. Do not place the altar on the opposite side of a mirror. The spirit get shocked once it bounces off it.
  7. Do not place the altar next to an Aquarium. The Fire & Water Element will clash in a bad way.
  8. Avoid to place the Altar in the North-East or South-West. Here, the Devil’s Gate and Back-gate are located. It can attract evil spirits

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This is allowed:

  1. Some Gods are believed to protect the home. Try to find a position that faces the front door so that the god guards and protect the house.
  2. Of course, a separate room to worship only is the most ideal
  3. If can, let the god face to a window or door to let enjoy the beauty on the outside world
  4. Place the Altar only at a solid wall. By all means, the god needs solid support from behind.
  5. The area of the home should be Yin (quite)
  6. Remember to change your offerings, and also do not let old flowers or food rot in front of the god
  7. The altar should be in the Lucky Destiny Section (Flying Stars)

Color of the Altar

To repeat, the Altar belongs to the “Fire” Group, therefore it should be made out of wood and come with some touch of red. Avoid any waterbased colors such as black and blue. Another color that can be used is white as it reflects purity. The reason for this is that it avoids Element clashing with each other. Remember, your altar should be a place of peace not of struggle such as clashing energy.

This is based on the 5 Element Theory of Feng Shui.

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