The most shocking Feng Shui Myths Busted – Fact Revealed

feng shui facts and myths

A lot of Feng Shui myths are circulating on the internet. It is essential to understand the real philosophy behind the science of Feng Shui correctly.

By doing so, you will take the right path on the journey. I have collected the top 8 myths and confronted them with undeniable facts that no-one can or should ignore.


Meaning Yin Yang Feng Shui

MYTH: Ying and Yang are the opposite of each other

FACT: Ying Yang is not the opposite; indeed, they are the same. It might come as a shocking surprise, but I will explain the reason for this.

Yang on its path takes with it Yin to find itself,
Yin on it paths takes with it Yang to find itself,
From under the canopy of heaven and from below earth,
Sun and moon reign with equal intent.
Therefore masculine and feminine are truly alike

by Heluo

First, you need to understand the difference between a metaphysical and the physical approach. In metaphysics, Yang is the expansion force, but in psychical, it is contraction. It is even more confusing as to how the same Yang can do both, right? Let’s take the stomach organ in TCM as an example. The stomach is considered Yang in TCM as it contains Yang Energy; however, more physical way, the stomach is hollow and, therefore, Yin. Yin are all hollow organs, as Yang are all solid organs.

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Yin is a swirl in ascending energy, as Yang is outside-in descending energy. Once either Yin or Yang reaches its extreme, it will contract/expand, and at this point, the other energy form is already present. A male is classified as Yang, but you will not find a pure Yang man. Why? Because the head of the sperm is extremely Yin. A female cannot be called pure Yin as the egg of the female is hugely Yang.

As you can see, we cannot say that Yin & Yang are opposite to each other. Also, the famous Yin Yang logo Taiji shows inside the white area (Yin), a black square (Yang), and in the black area (Yin), a white circle (Yin).

Conclusion: Yin Yang are not the same as they need to exist with each other, If you take away either, there would be no Yin Yang as a whole



MYTH: Feng Shui is all about furniture placements

FACT: Some still believe that Feng Shui only has to do with moving furniture and decor items around. But, they fail to see the bigger picture. Of course, it is essential to move around objects, but these are under the energy present in certain areas. The flow of the energy inside the home must be studied first before anything else can be done.

Conclusion: Feng Shui is about energy and adjusting it to your favor. Moving furniture around is only a small part of the big picture.



MYTH: Fuxi is a real person and the river map is real

FACT: Once upon a time, there was an emperor called Fuxi, who discovered a river map on the back of a mysterious creature. This is sweet storytelling for ordinary people, such as farmers, to tell their grandchildren about this tale. Has it something to do with reality – no, not much.

You have to understand that highly educated astrologists and mathematician surrounded the emperors in ancient China. Ordinary people at first should not have access to sensitive astrology energy information as the emperor feared, people could become too smart.

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Therefore, some beautiful fairy tale stories had been spread. It is regrettable to see that many Feng Shui teachers still tell their students this story without any further insight into what is really behind the story.

Are you ready for the insider information that nobody will tell you:

Fuxi is a pure decoy and nothing else as moving energy. Over time, emperors Fuxi got personalized so that it can portray Tai Ji Tu. He supposed to have invented the Hetu Map, the 5 Transformation, and much more. However, no person could have done so. Fuxi, the Hetu River Map, is just a way to express the stellar skies and cyclic timing of energy from the cosmos.

Do you think an astrologist in ancient China went on a river exploration? No, they all looked into the sky and recorded the movements of planets. Once they had decoded it, dots, broken lines, and solid lines were the result. But how to explain an uneducated farmer such high advanced studies? It was sheer not possible, so easy to understand myths were created.




MYTH: The center of the home is square (Bagua Map)

FACT: The energy that you see in the center of the Bagua Map does not occupy a square space. Yet another decoy in modern Feng Shui teaching. The center energy of the home is simply a DOT – nothing more and less. From the dot in the center, all the energy spreads in directional ways throughout the home. This same energy will come and report back to the central energy being only a dot.

Forget about adjusting the center of the home with Earth Elements, as written by many. It is just a dot, and the most important thing is that the center should be in an open space and not locked into a confined space such as a closet. Also, the kitchen or the toilet should never be in the center of the home for various reasons.

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In advanced Feng Shui studies, we call the center Yellow 5, which is always static once locked inside the home. The wandering energy in the Bagua Map (Luo Shu) is the energy of Star Yellow 5 in action. It migrates into different forms creating Flying Stars 1 to 9.



MYTH: A mirror doubles all energy

FACT: Oh, this myth is so wrong and widespread that I still cannot believe that serious Feng Shui practitioners still telling this myth. Very quick: mirrors do not reflect or double energy – period! Some webpages write about placing the mirror in areas to double the money.

Ok, let’s put the mirror in the dining area and see if it does double your food. It is all pure nonsense, and please stop believing such things.

A mirror simply reflects an image on the opposite side of it. As good energy likes a nice ambient, you should place a mirror anywhere where beauty is reflected, such as blooming flowers.

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MYTH: Color attracts wealth and luck

FACT: Color does only play a minor role in Feng Shui and is purely symbolic. More important than color are the elements (wood, earth, fire, water, metal), form, and shape. Stop worrying about painting your wall in wealth and lucky colors, as it will have no or little impact on your luck/wealth at all. 



MYTH: You need to decorate the bedroom following the Bagua Map Element

FFACT: Please be cautious as it can be hazardous to your health. It is not in the sense of Feng Shui, but human psychology. When you hear that your bedroom is in the South Section (Fire Element), no need to go wild and paint your bedroom in bright red colors.

In truth, you might believe you are enhancing your relationship energy in this area, but in fact, you are harming yourself. The color red, in a psychological sense, causes restlessness. It is just a too active color for a bedroom — consequently, restless nights and inadequate sleep are some of the effects you will suffer. 

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I could continue with all the other elements, but I think you might get my point. A bedroom is to rest and have a good night’s sleep. To have this, calmness is the key. Decorate with calm colors such as pastel tones, light gray, or off white in combination with comfortable furniture and mattresses. Of course, proper placement of the bed will enhance the good energy flow inside the bedroom..


Feng Shui Lucky Kua Number

MYTH: The wealth (SE) and love (SW) areas are always the same in every home

FACT: From time to time, I receive the same question about where the wealth corner is located and how to enhance it. My answer always will be the same: A home can have up to FOUR WEALTH AREAS! Yes, in fact, you need to look far beyond this myth and discover all the other wealth areas as well. 

The same goes for the love area inside your home. There is a possibility to have up to THREE LOVE AREAS. 



MYTH: You need to buy expensive enhancers for luck and wealth

FACT: As a matter of fact, you can use regular home decor items you already have inside your home to enhance your lucky areas and remedy bad energy sectors. There is no need to buy expensive lucky enhancers. In case you like the style, go ahead and get them, but it is NOT A MUST.

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In my many years of Feng Shui studies, I am still stunned about all the misinformation on the internet. Be always cautious when you read about something. Instead, check 3 or 4 different sources and compare the information with each other.

Also, use your common sense to implement personal Feng Shui into your life. I hope you have enjoyed this post and do not fall for all the Feng Shui myths out there.

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