Face Yoga Exercises – 9 Simple Poses to make your Face Shine!

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Face Yoga exercises are the new anti-aging trend to reduce wrinkles and make your face shine and glow. You do not have to go overboard and do hundreds of face poses. We talked to a yoga expert to give you the nine most effective and simplest poses to do at home. The benefit of all of this: Feel younger, relax, and increase your charisma.

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Face Yoga the Anti-Aging Holy Grail?

To explain, face yoga is an exercise of the facial muscles to release stress. If you do these exercises regularly, over time, the facial muscles are gaining strength. Further, it increases the muscle volume on the face and will prevent skin sagging.

You could say it is a natural Botox alternative, but no foreign substances are entering your body. Maybe, this is why face yoga is also often called “Yotox,” which illustrates the closeness to “Botox” very nicely.

Much research was done to uncover the effects of face yoga. Some fascinating studies by Jama suggest that a 30-minute daily exercise of the nine primary poses will shape your facial features after 15 – 20 weeks in such a way that you look younger, and wrinkles will greatly reduce. Even Meghan Markle from the British Royal Family is practicing face yoga to stay young.

In summary, yes, it is scientifically proven that face yoga exercise helps for anti-aging.

Face Yoga – Stress Relief & Happiness

Regular face yoga exercise can not only make you look younger, but it also reduces tremendously stress. If a person is under stress, all the skin and facial features go berserk. To illustrate better, the forehead frowns together, a dropping of the mouth and a very narrowed eyebrows are just some of the facial features going out of control. I do not have to point out that these situations are not very helpful for a young and smooth looking skin. The more stress a person has, the more wrinkly the face becomes – the face ages quicker!

How can face yoga help? If regularly you train your facial muscles with specific poses, it will create a very positive mood for yourself, and it can also help to make people around you laugh. Just imagine if in a stressful situation with your colleagues, you all of a sudden start to make a yoga pose. Well, the laughter will be on your side, and the whole mood changes.

Always remember keeping a small smile on your face, which is not only relaxing but also for people around you. They will absorb your good vibrations. 

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face yoga exercise fish kissing
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The buccinator muscle of the face is used to make you smile and chew food. The following pose will tighten the cheeks, lips, and chin along with the buccinator muscles:

  1. Relax all your facial muscles at the beginning of the face yoga exercise
  2. Pull the lips forwards just like doing an air kiss to your loved ones, then pull back the cheeks inside again.
  3. Hold this pose for 10 seconds and release to relax the smile
  4. Now start to inhale and fill up the cheeks as much as possible
  5. Hold your breath for around 10 seconds
  6. Exhale thru the mouth the air inside your cheeks
  7. Repeat the exercise 10 to 20 times once a day

Once you have mastered the first step, it is time to add the eyes into the workout:

  1. Once you inhale, close the eyes as much as possible (Step 4 above)
  2. Keep your eyes closed while holding your breath (Step 5 above)
  3. Once you exhale, open the eyes
  4. Do the mouth and eye yoga exercise in sync to have the best result


face yoga exercise air kiss
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In this face yoga exercise, the use of the orbicularis muscles will firm the neck and law-lines.

  1. Relax and keep your back straight
  2. Tilt your head slightly backward and toward the sky
  3. Kiss the sky 10 to 15 times with loud kissing sounds (a must)
  4. Bring the head back to its regular position


face yoga exercise focusing

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With this face yoga exercise, complete facial muscle relaxation is the goal:

  1. Slightly open the mouth and the eyes to the point that you feel relaxed
  2. Now pick out an object that you like to focus on. Preferably the position should be on eye level to avoid having to look up or down.
  3. Stare now in a relaxed manner on the object for about 5 minutes
  4. At the same time, not only the face relaxes, but also your whole body is in a meditation-like state.


face yoga exercise aum pose
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The classical face yoga exercise to overcome a very stressful day. This pose is very suitable to let all the anger out to free yourself from all the negativity you have experienced. It is an intense facial stretch that increases the blood circulation and firms the sides of the face.

  1. Gently pull with two forefingers the forehead up
  2. Open the mouth like yelling out loud “AUM” or “Ohh.” Therefore, pull back your tongue as far as possible.
  3. Hold this pose for 5 seconds and release
  4. Inhale deeply through the mouth
  5. Now exhale and yell “OM” as there is no tomorrow
  6. Repeat this exercise until you feel more relief and relaxed

FACE YOGA EXERCISES #5: Puffer Fish Face

face yoga exercise puffer fish
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This exercise helps to get a firm cheek by increasing the blood circulation in the cheek areas.

  1. Fill up one side of the cheek with as much air as possible
  2. Your eyes should look to the opposite side (example: if you fill up air in the left cheek, look with your eyes to the right
  3. Keep your face straight and do not turn it
  4. Hold in the air on one side of the cheek for 5 seconds
  5. Now, move the air to the other side of the cheek
  6. In the same time moving the air, also turn the eyes to the opposite direction
  7. Repeat this face yoga exercise for 5 to 10 times

FACE YOGA EXERCISE #6: Lymph Toxins Drain Out

face yoga exercise toxins out
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The body’s lymph system is in charge of moving out all the toxins from your body, and it is a vital organ. Also, it fights off viruses or bacteria that are attacking the body. It is imperative to have a good Qi-flow to promote the best health and circulation of body, mind, and face. In this exercise, we focus on the lymph nodes, which are located in the neck and face area.

  1. Move your head facing up
  2. Use both of your open hands and start behind the ears
  3. Place the middle fingers behind the ears as the starting point
  4. Gently move the hands down over the cheek sides towards the neck
  5. While moving down, press very softly against the skin. It should not be too soft or too hard. See it as a delicate finger massage
  6. Once the fingers have reached the neck area, move the face back to a neutral position
  7. Repeat this face exercise 10 to 15 times

TIP: If you have sinus problems (allergy, flu, etc.), do this exercise for around 40 to 60 times. It will relieve the sinus. As always, consult your doctor prior if in doubt.

FACE YOGA EXERCISE #7: Firming the Neck

face yoga exercise firming the neck
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Not only should the face look smooth and young, but also the neck area. How would it look like if your face shines, but the neck is covered with wrinkles? As for this reason, in face yoga, you also need to do an exercise to firm the neck.

  1. Sit with a straight back and tilt your head looking up
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Hold with both hands either side of the neck and gently stretch the skin.
  4. Open the mouth a little bit
  5. Now, open the lips for 3 – 5 seconds before closing it
  6. Repeat this exercise 5 – 10 times and bring the head back to a neutral position


face yoga exercise ear wisdom
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The ears, like the neck, are also overlooked by many people when it comes to face yoga. Of course, you might think the ears are most of the time covered by hair, and wrinkles are not an issue here. Well, doing ear massage stimulates the blood circulation to gain more wisdom and peace in life. Remember, a peaceful mind with wisdom is as essential for anti-aging as skin firming. If your body is not balanced, anti-aging has no effect!

  1. Hold and squeeze both earlobes with your fingers
  2. Pull away downwards the fingers quickly from the ears
  3. Repeat the exercise 5 times

TIP: If you are stressed and need to relax, massage both ears for around 3-5 minutes for a soothing feeling

FACE YOGA EXERCISES #9: Waterfall Scalp Massage

face yoga exercise massage head
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The waterfall massage workout is another mental pose to stimulate the brain and increase the blood flow on your scalp — indeed, a very refreshing and relaxing exercise like standing underneath a beautiful waterfall.

  1. Place flat both of your hands on the forehead
  2. Slightly pressure with the fingertips the skin
  3. Move both hands slowly upwards over the forehead over your hair until you reach the neck on the backside.
  4. Once you start doing the exercise, inhale and hold the breath
  5. Exhale once you reach the back of your neck
  6. Repeat this exercise 10 times


Photo Credit: Face Yoga Clinic

Does face yoga really work? Yes, it does, but you need to have a strong will to include the face yoga into your daily routine. As it is a working process similar to losing weight, it takes time and affords from your side. But, one thing I can say, the benefits and results are just stunning. Give it a try, and you will soon see how more relaxed you are going to approach life!

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