6 Ultimate Extend Cell Phone Battery Life Tips

Extend your battery life

Nowadays, we use our mobile phones a lot. We feel the need to connect with other people through social networks all the time. Obviously, due to that, a big problem is that the phone’s battery life is reduced. Worry not, as we are here to share a few tips to overcome this issue.

Let’s see our 6 ultimate and smart extend cell phone battery life tips:

Tip #1

Brightness level

This is an aspect that many people ignore. The screen brightness is the number one reason for battery drainage. If you just set the screen brightness on 50%, you will see that the battery life will be extended. By doing so, you will not notice a big difference while checking your phone’s screen, but the battery will sure be glad you adjusted the brightness.

Tip #2

Black theme

Dark themes are not only a matter of esthetics, but they also help greatly to reduce battery consumption.

The reason behind this is quite simple, if you use a white theme then the screen must light more parts to display that theme, compared to a dark theme where those parts will remain black, therefore the screen will not be active. In other words, as most displays are LCD displays, their natural state is black and not white, thus, the power consumption is way less.

Tip #3 to extend your battery life

Extend battery life

Thirdly, Android phones have a setting that is turned on by default to search automatically for wireless networks.

Certainly, this option is not very useful if you are not home or at a place where you know the WiFi password. As this is a battery life killer, it is best to disable it. So, just go to settings and turn off the “Turn on Wi-Fi automatically” setting.

Tip #4

Phone charging

The next tip refers to a habit that we had when we were using older phones with Ni-MH (Nickel-metal hydride) batteries. This type of battery began to develop in 1967 and replaced Ni-Cd batteries for portable devices, mostly in Europe, in 2008.

Back then, we used to wait for the battery to go to 0% before we charge it again. This fact is no longer valid for lithium batteries that are used today. Instead, you should charge your phone as soon as it reaches 20%.

Tip #5

Removing apps

As the storage of mobiles gets bigger, we tend to download any app we see. This not only is bad for the storage, as it will eat up your phone’s space, but it has an impact on the battery.

Every application, no matter if you use it or not, will use data to check for updates, new content, etc. By removing the apps that you do not use, you, consequently, will fix this issue and your battery life will be extended.

Tip #6 to extend your battery life

Extend battery life

Finally, this is a very interesting choice although, not free. Some manufacturers created case-chargers for popular phones. This means that the case you use for your phone also acts as a power bank in order to charge your phone on the go. While the above is practical, unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to all phones, therefore, you might be one of us and this option is not available for you.

If that is the case, you could purchase an independent power bank to charge your battery according to your needs. Now, there is a variety of affordable power banks that will do the trick, and you will never have to worry about not having enough juice, ever again.

In general, many factors that will cause battery drainage, especially for older phones. On one hand, this is a field where technology advances every day, but, on the other hand, that means that the research and advances come with a cost and not everyone can afford to buy a new phone as soon as it comes out. Therefore, taking good care of your mobile will make your battery last longer without the need to spend much money.

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