DIY Interior Car Cleaning like a Pro

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Explore the best interior car cleaning tips like a professional does it in no time. It is quite easy to go to a car wash and get a good exterior wash. But how do you feel if the exterior of the car is shining bright in the sun, but the interior, where you spend most of the time while driving, looks dirty and ugly? In addition, a good interior cleanness is good for your health and helps to reduce pollen allergy attacks. Of course, some serious time needs to be invested to get everything sparkling clean, but it will be worth the time. Let’s take a closer look at how to get started.


The first step is to remove all the clutter from the car. This includes all the personal documents, all car interior accessories like drinking tumblers, pens, or candy. Not only, it is much easier to reach every corner, but also the items will not disturb during the cleaning process.

Vacuum first before starting to clean

Next, before using a vacuum cleaner to clean all the coarse dirt from the floor and seats, please remove all the foot mats. Undeniably, it makes it much easier to vacuum the carpet underneath the mats. It is highly recommended to detach the extension tube of the vacuum cleaner to shorten the suction head. The advantage of this is to be more flexible as the car space is quite small and limited.

Now, you can start to vacuum all the carpet areas, the seats, the dashboard, cup holders, and drawers of the car. Further, do not forget to open your rear seats. Normally, a pull release is on top on either side of the seat. It is quite surprising that many do not know that a lot of dirt is collecting in this area. Maybe you are lucky and find some long lost items like money or hair clips. Who knows?

Make the Dashboard Shine like Jewelry

At this point, a good dashboard cleaner comes in handy to get rid of all the dust and dirt which accumulates from the air-condition/ heater outlets. It is highly recommended to use real leather or fiber-based cloths in combination with the cleaner. Spray the liquid all over and set it set for around 20 seconds. Many professional dashboard cleaners have advanced technologies to combine even every fine dirt into bigger particles for easy removal. Without delay, you can now use the cloth in a CIRCULAR MOTION to clean the dashboard area.

SPECIAL TIP 1: As a matter of fact, if you are not a big fan of chemicals, a good quality Olive Oil rub can also do the job. Please avoid any cheap ones at the these are from experience not suitable. As the oil will ruin your cloth, a simple kitchen paper towel is perfect.

SPECIAL TIP 2: Do pay attention that you only use cleaning products that contain NO solvents or silicons. These chemicals are very harsh and tend to attack the PVC of the dashboard

After that, use a dust- or regular brush to clean the A/C vents and hard to reach areas such as the edges of the windshield, dashboard, radio buttons, and sterling wheel corners.

All things above considered, many do stop here and head over to the exterior cleaning part. However, the upholstery (cushions) of the seats and car windows are all too often overlooked during the car cleaning process.

Sparkle Clean the Upholstery/Leather Seats

Without a doubt, the seats are mostly used by all passengers and therefore absorb a lot of dirt from our daily routines. Let it be the body sweat, grease from food, or dirt from clothes, all these create a very unpleasant smell at some point in time. Simply vacuum the seat might not be sufficient to get rid of the smell.

The best way to clean the seats is to us special car upholstery cleaners which come as a foam version. In case the car has leather seats, of cause a special leather seat cleaner needs to be considered to avoid any discoloration or damage to the material.

First, focus on one area of the seat first, so the treated area is more easy to handle. If you apply the cleaners all over, you might not have sufficient time to clean the surface before the liquid dries out. The result could be devastating as ugly discoloration can pop up. In addition, the seats should not get too wet as otherwise mold or water stains do occur.

  1. Apply the seat cleaner and let it absorb for 20-30 seconds (read the product instructions)
  2. Use a soft brush (upholstery) or a microfiber cloth (Leather) to loosen the dirt/stains
  3. Take a dry towel to wipe clean the seats
  4. Repeat the steps 1 to 3 until all the seats are clean

Clean the car windows from the inside

The car windshield and all other windows do also get dirty from the inside. The regular household window cleaners or detergents are suitable for use as well. Simply, spray the cleaner on the interior side of the window to get started. Do not forget to use a dry microfiber towel to remove all the dirt afterward.

  • Clean the windows only when no direct sunlight shines directly onto it. The advantage is to detect possible streaks that otherwise are not detectable.
  • Spray the window cleaner onto the window
  • Using a dry towel start from top to bottom (never do left-right or bottom-top).
  • Do not forget the edges underneath the rubber-seals
  • Check if no streaks are viable, if yes redo this area again
  • Dry all the rubber seals to avoid damage


Of cause, some serious time needs to be invested to get everything sparkling clean, but it is worth the time. Believe me, your mood will skyrocket once sitting inside the car and driving. It is nothing better to have a clean & neat atmosphere. If finishing the interior in no time, the exterior car detailing will be just a piece of cake for you.

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