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Whitening soap bar – Don’t let your skin go on strike

Explore our premium selection of whitening soap bar to maintain a healthy and brighter skin tone with all-natural ingredients.

  • Asantee Tamarind Soap – Herbal Lightening of Face


  • Asantee Rice Milk Soap – Herbal Anti Aging and Lightening


  • Tanaka Soap Scrub Ing-On 85g (Face, Body Lightening)


  • Asantee Papaya Soap 135g (Lightens Face, Body)


  • Tamarind Goat Milk Soap – Asantee (Freckles, Dark Spots)


  • Tamarind Soap with Honey Ing-On (Lightening of Face, Body)


  • Curcuma Soap Ing-On (Brightening, Melasma Freckles)


  • Cucumber Aloe Vera Soap Ingon 85g (Face, Body lightening)