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Whitening soap bar – Don’t let your skin go on strike

Explore our premium selection of whitening soap bar to maintain a healthy and brighter skin tone with all-natural ingredients.

What is skin whitening soap?

It is important to maintain healthy and moisturized skin while whitening it. You should include your favorite whitening bar soap as a daily routine because it will not only help your skin; it also boosts the confidence and overall appearance. Let the beautiful glow of white dazzle everyone around you.

The soap will not only clean the skin from any impurity caused by external factors such as pollution or sun exposure; it also refreshes and restarts a dull-looking skin into a new life. You can notice a change of skin color by using the whitening soap bar with its natural ingredients. Over the coming days and weeks, a whiter tone compared to the original skin color is noticeable. Eventually, a well balanced, healthy skin that shines bright and natural-looking white. It is not difficult to lighten the skin with one of our premium and high-quality whitening bar soap. Try it out as you will never regret it.

Does whitening soap work?

A good quality soap to whiten the skin works very well when some very basics steps are followed. It is crucial to use the soap at least twice daily on a frequent routine. While using the whitening soap bar, please protect your skin during the day from too much sun exposure (use UV sunscreen). It will speed up the soap's efficiency, working its magic, and thus enjoying a brighter looking skin. Also, please stay hydrated and drink a lot of water.

Let's dig a little bit deeper behind the curtains to show you how exactly the soap works. Dark skin contains more Melanin than a regular average person has. Thus, it is making the cell pigments become darker in color. The secret of the whitening soap bar is to stop the production of Melanin and revert it. Once the soap wins the battle, a natural bright looking skin awaits you.

Is whitening soap good for skin?

In fact, the soap is very beneficial for the skin as it is being used during the body's cleaning procedure. As moisture in the form of the soap's foam and water is added to the skin, the body becomes well moisturized. Also, the whitening bar soap does contain powerful natural ingredients in the form of Vitamin A, C, E. This combination of beneficial nutrients creates an effective formula for the skin to stay healthy and become radiant white glowing.

What whitening soap is effective?

Our whitening soap bar uses different kinds of natural ingredients to whiten your skin naturally. The most effective and reliable fruits and herbs that guarantee quick results are:

- Asantee Papaya Soap : Papaya contains a high concentration of Vitamin A, C, and E, which helps to restore the cells, and is a powerful antioxidant solution.

- Asantee Rice Milk Soap : Rice is long known and used to whiten the skin as it contains Vitamin B1, E, C, and beneficial mineral, making it one of the best ingredients.

How to make whitening soap more effective?

For a whitening soap bar to be more effective, you should use the soap as a body scrub (Exfoliation). A wide variety of natural fruits do remove dead skin cells, dirt, and other impurities to maintain the elasticity of the cells. Let us explain further of how to do it correctly:

1. Get a good body scrub brush or scrubber.
2. Take a shower with warm to hot water.
3. Add some soap onto the wet brush.
4. Now, start scrubbing the body parts with the brush and soapy foam.
5. It increases the blood circulation to unclog the pores6.
6. Please do it for around 5 to 10 minutes long

All dead skin cells are being removed during the exfoliation, and the soap will add the natural whitening and vitamin ingredients deep into the freshly cleaned cells.
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