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Skin whitening cream for face and body: Permanent and Long-Lasting

Browse our selection of the best skin whitening cream for face to transform your skin into a younger and brighter look.

Skin Whitening Cream for Face

Pond White Beauty Night Cream 50 gm


Skin Whitening Cream for Face

Ponds FF white beauty foam 50g or 100g


Skin Whitening Cream for Face

Ponds Whitening Cream: White Beauty Day 50 gm


Skin Whitening Cream for Face

Olay Sakura White Day Cream 50g

18.99 15.45

Skin Whitening Cream for Face

Glutathione Skin Lightening Cream 50g


Skin Whitening Cream for Face

Garnier Light Complete Yoghurt Night Cream 50g


Skin Whitening Cream for Face

Garnier Light Complete Cream Day 50g (SPF 30)


Skin Whitening Cream for Face

Olay Natural White Night Cream 50g


Skin Whitening Cream for Face

Olay White Radiance UV Whitening Lotion 30ml


Skin Whitening Cream for Face

Olay Natural White Day Cream 50g


Does skin whitening cream work?

A beautiful and brighter facial skin tone in white reflects the beauty of the soul. Face and body whitening cream do work if the correct product is chosen. Be aware of any flea market or no-brand cream as it might include dangerous ingredients such as hydroquinone or mercury.

In our category, we only offer the world best whitening face cream brands such as Nivea or Loreal, who stand for the highest quality standards the industry can offer. To explain more in detail of how these creams do actually work. The skin's darkness or lightness is determined by the amount of Melanin inside the pigmentation. The more Melanin pigments the skin has, the darker it will get.

The opposite is true if less Melanin exists. Three main factors determine the amount of the pigments a person has. Firstly, the genetic code of the parents which you will inherit. Different races as Africans, Asians, or Hispanics do have a higher level of the pigments right at birth. Secondly, the sun's UV rays produce and increase the Melanin production in the skin. Basically, the longer you expose the skin to the sun, the darker it will get. Lastly, hormonal changes due to age or pregnancy can also cause an increase in Melanin. However, it will not be extensive and only pinpoint certain small areas that we call aging or dark spots.

All our creams (for example, Garnier Light Complete Cream Day) do include naturally occurring lightening ingredients such as lemon essence and various Vitamins, which will reduce and even revert Melanin's production. A reliable mix of beneficial ingredients to whiten and brighten the skin and reduce the pigmentation function work very well when using a cream regularly. As all the creams also add much-needed moisture during the lightening process, skin pores' shrinkage removes any wrinkles.

Why use skin lightening cream?

A pure snow-white and glowing skin color is often the dream of both men and women. In many cultures around the world, "white" stands for power, wealth, and influence. Having a pure white face shows that the person is sophisticated and belongs to the upper class. This kind of thinking reaches back many centuries as the emperors, kings, and rulers rarely exposed themselves to the sun, enjoying a pale skin. On the other hand, the labor class of farmers had to do hard work under the sun for 10 - 12 hours a day. The expose of the sun obviously created a much darker skin tone. In short, this mindset still exists in many countries.

Of course, the above point is not the only reason why a person likes to use a skin whitening cream for face. Another more prevalent reason is to get rid of aging or dark spots caused by hormonal changes or overexposure to the sun. The face cream will adjust the skin's pigmentation, making it evenly bright, shiny, and glowing if you want to get a more fair skin regardless of your personal reasons.

Another benefit of having a fair skin is to apply the perfect make-up over it. Therefore, the appearance of cosmetics becomes more balanced and uniform without any imperfections.

How to use skin whitening cream?

There are many various whitening cream for face and body on the market today. The use slightly differs from version to version. However, in general, you can either use a day cream with UV protection or a night cream while you are sleeping.

An essential step is to clean and do an exfoliation for the face before you start, which stimulates the dermis, the second layer of the skin. Besides, it will reduce oiliness; it removes blackheads and closes the pores.

Next, take a fingertip of the skin whitening cream for face and apply it to both cheeks areas. Now, gently massage the cream in a circular motion, going from the bottom up. Overall, please avoid too much sun exposure as the effects could be counterproductive while using the cream.

Is skin lightening cream permanent?

Yes, the use of the best cream for face whitening is permanent if you follow these three simple steps:

- Apply the cream on a washed skin daily
- Avoid any sun exposure or excessive pollution
- Rest, drink a lot of liquids to stay hydrated

What skin lightening cream do celebrities use?

Here are the top two picks of a face and body whitening cream that celebrities do use:

1. Olay Natural White Day Cream
2. Garnier Light Complete Yoghurt Night Cream
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