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Silver White Hair Dye Colour Collection in Permanent Color

Shop for only the best Silver white hair dye in this category. Here you will find the most premium collection of all different hues such as platinum silver or pure white.


Does white hair make you look old?

It is true that at some point, silver, grey, and white hair were considered one and the same with the aging process. Only sophisticated women who started to show their first naturally greyed hair were dying their hair silver during past times. Now, times have changed, and Silver white hair dye is a modern, impressive, and fresh choice for a stunning appearance. Don’t forget that everyone can pull off a silver or white hair style!

The best part is that there are numerous combinations and shades for silver or white hair, from almost snow white to dark platinum silver, which will make your choice easier since it is guaranteed that you will find the one suiting your needs. Therefore, if you are looking to refresh and transform your hair’s image, you are in the right place.

How do you get silver white hair?

In order to get silver white hair, you need a few things: a quality Silver white hair dye, focus, and determination. The main principle is to give your hair the lightest shade possible before you begin the process of dying it. For an amazing look and the perfect shade of silver hair, this is very important. In case you try to dye your hair straightaway silver, the end result will not be good for sure. There is a chance that you will need to repeat the process of making your natural hair lighter, depending on their natural color.

Can you dye Grey hair silver?

Unfortunately, natural grey hair has a dull look due to biological factors. The good news is that you can dye your hair in silver white hair colour to give them a bright, fresh look.

How can I get silver hair at home?

Even though silver hair is a bit demanding, the process to dye your hair silver at home is not difficult if you have patience and follow the instructions of the Silver white hair dye of your choice. It would be best to do a hair dye allergy test before dyeing your hair. Once you are positive that there is no issue, you can continue with the process in order to achieve your favorite silver white hair color. As you might have guessed by now, you will need to bleach your hair before applying the dye.

This procedure should be done with caution as it is crucial for the perfect final result and the health of the hair. In case your natural color is very light, or you have very light blonde hair, the process will be a little bit easier. Still, for black, brown, or dark blonde hair, there is a chance that you will need to repeat the bleaching twice in to get to the lightest shade possible before turning your hair into a gorgeous looking silver white. Be sure to use only quality bleaching products such as the Dcash Master white bleach powder.

Once you are done with the bleaching, it is time for the toner. The toning process is essential as it will remove yellow/orange hues that will affect the silver dye and the final look. It is very common, almost certain that after bleaching your hair, a yellow undertone will appear. Apply the toner for 20 minutes (check the instructions on the toner for the best results). Finally, you will need to apply the Silver white hair dye according to the instructions, and voila, the perfect, fresh silver hair at home is ready.

Why does my silver hair look green?

If you gave silver hair a try and they turned out green, then there are some steps you might have missed or not done correctly. To achieve a fantastic result, your hair must have the lightest shade possible before you start the dying process. When your color is too warm, your hair can turn out green. In this case, please remember to bleach and tone your hair properly until you create the correct and suitable base for the Silver white hair color. Silver-white is a great color and will make you look amazing during the procedure of color transformation.
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