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Purple hair color dye, long lasting and permanent colour

Become rebellious, crazy, and shop our outstanding dreamy full purple hair color dye (permanent) for a long lasting and vibrant enjoyment.


Permanent Hair Dye Colors

Cruset A995 Haircolor Permanent Purple


Is purple hair a trend?

A recent survey showed that a whopping 98% of females are bored having to wear the same old natural hair. Don't be part of it and skyrocket into the 2% elite. With the new permanent purple hair dye, you can be rebellious, crazy, and show everybody around that you are different.

In mid-2014, the first fashion models introduced purple hair dye to the general public and grown in popularity since ever then. As the color purple has an incredible charm choosing the correct shade should reflect your personality. The color nuances are ranging from a very bright purple to very dark. If you made up your mind and radically change your look, the purple color will inspire your life in every aspect.

Yes, fashion colors have increasingly become a huge trend in many cultures around the world. Wearing long lasting purple hair dye can dramatically improve your confidence as the color purple shines and reflects how much fun you are having in life. The permanent purple hair dye in a light, bright hue is considered the most stylish one under all the different purple shades among women. The shade is super popular and promises a gentle, delicate look.

What skin tone suits purple?

All the violet and purple nuances are very popular among many women and match any skin tone. This means there is no restriction of purple hair, which might conflict. However, it is always important to match your skin tone with the hair color to be ultimately in sync. We cannot say that purple is either a cool or warm color. As the color is right in the middle, it has many nuances ranging from cool (violet) to the warm (maroon) spectrum. For this reason, as mentioned earlier, pick the most suitable hue for your skin type. Let's take a look at the most common skin tones and which hues of purple hair colour match the most:

Light fair skin: We recommend going with a darker purple shade to express the beautiful contrast as this color reflects an incredible charm.
Medium skin: Here, it is important to either chose a slightly lighter or darker nuance as your skin tone.
Darker skin: You are the gem as every purple hair color hue will match to perfection.

Further looking beyond the skin tone, try to evaluate the personal statement you want to make with your purple hair colour. If you're going to draw attention, go for a very bright purple such as the Starlist bright violet hair color dye, but if you want to stay unnoticed in the background, choose a lesser aggressive shade. It is essential to convey your personal message in the colour of the hair.

How often should you wash purple hair?

Even the best permanent purple dye comes out during hair wash if a bad quality shampoo is being used. You should wash your purple hair with a phosphate and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners every two to four days. Please only use products that indicate vitamin nutrients (UV filter, Vitamin E, and antioxidants) on the ingredients list. As purple is a very delicate color, it requires extra care as it tends to fade faster than other shades. Further, every ten days, a hair treatment mask should be applied to avoid color fading of the purple hair color dye. All these will help to keep your purple hair looking perfect with the ultimate protection.

What does purple hair say about you?

Purple hair color dye is surrounded by mystery and spirituality and brings out a touch of sensuality and seduction. If you have a romantic and more delicate personality, purple's lighter shades are the most suitable for you. For women who like to have a new modern generation x, y look, the medium hue of purple is the best choice. If you want to give out a mystery message, purple's darker nuances are the best bet.

As the color is right in the middle spectrum of the color-wheel is combines the calmness of blue, but at the same time, brings out the untamed red. However, due to the outstanding balance of yin and yang, wearing purple brings harmony and peace into a person's life. Also, the purple stands for luxury, power, and royalty of kings and queens. Let's not forget the mystery of magic a darker nuance can create.
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