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Pink color hair dye: Permanent Colors at a Glance

Our pink color hair dye line of colors cover every shade ranging from pastel to a gorgeous looking magenta. Premium, long-lasting!


Berina Hair Dye

Berina A24 Color Magenta


What does the hair color pink reflect?

The pink hair color gives the extra touch of romanticism and attitude to your look. It is indeed a very delicate color reflecting a sweet, lovely character. Yes, pink belongs beside red to the romantic tones making every woman the cotton candy a man likes to eat. Displaying the pink color hair dye to the public will stir up the long-awaited passion you have waited for because now you can take action to archive all your goals. Becoming confident right away, but at the same time, remain your playfulness in your charm.

Pink has also made its debut in recent season on the catwalks around the world as fashion designers discovered that the streets look of a pink hair color adds romance and sweetness to a female. A lovely calm pastel pink is more for romantic women fitting any skin type. The vibrant magenta pink is perfect for darker skin tones due to the contrast of skin and hair.

What color pink should I dye my hair?

Get ready to change your color for good and be greeted by astonishment from friends around you. If you like to get a very light pastel-like pink, the developing time should be less. The longer the permanent pink hair dye stays on the hair, the darker the tone will get. In addition to choosing the right tone for you, please match the color shade with your skin tone. If you have a cool or warm tone, pick the right one that fits your style.

Another point to pay attention to is the color characteristic. Do you like a flashy, shiny look or rather prefer a more fixed and faithful look. In summary, pink goes well with any skin tone and fashion style. One thing is for sure, once applying the pink color hair dye, you will attract attention! Colour is life and creates positive feelings and inner balance.

How long does pink color last in hair?

Pastel tones tend to fade a little bit quicker as brighter pink shades. Regardless of the tone, pink always will fade faster than other colors such as blue or grey. However, to keep the hair happy and alive for a much longer time, you should avoid using products that contain phosphates and sulfates. These two culprits will strip all pink hair dye colors out of the hair in days. Once you are on guard to it, you can enjoy the pink much, much longer. On average, a semi-permanent dye lasts around 2-6 weeks compared to a permanent pink hair dye, which will not wash out and only a retouching of the roots are necessary after six weeks.

For the pink color to stay vibrant and shiny, wash your wash less often and use high nutrient vitamin treatments whenever you apply hair styling products such as gels or spray to the hair - the same accounts for using a hair blower.

To manage the best results, you need to bleach the hair first to a pure white shade. The color white is neutral and is safe to use as a basis. At this point, we strongly advise you to let the hair relax for a couple of days before applying the permanent hair color pink. During the dyeing procedure, the hair undergoes a lot of stress; therefore, adding moisturizing and nourishing nutrients is necessary.

After finishing, try to bypass washing your hair for at least 72 hours so the new color pigments can settle and fully lock to the hair shafts. Expert Tip: While doing aftercare treatments, you can add some color pigments to the moisturizing products to rejuvenate the vibrancy. We all know if not taking good care of the freshly dyed hair, it can become dull-looking and loses its prestige. Please remember that a gorgeous darling hair look gives out the first impression to anyone you meet.

What is the best pink hair dye?

There is no doubt, in our opinion, the pink hair of dreams can also be conquered by using Berina A24 Color Magenta is our all-time favorite when it comes to choosing your new permanent pink hair dye. If you prefer a more delicate shade, any pink pastel tone from Dispo or Just Modern works well as it hardly attracts attention.
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