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Pink color hair dye: Permanent Colors at a Glance

Our pink color hair dye line of colors cover every shade ranging from pastel to a gorgeous looking magenta. Premium, long-lasting!

  • Magenta Pink Hair Dye Berina Creme Color


  • Berina A24 Color Magenta


  • Pastel Hair Color Cream Bright Pink (No Ammonia, Hydrogen)


  • Dipso Cutie Pink Hair Color Creme (No Ammonia, Hydrogen)


  • Crazy Hair-Color Treatment Galaxy Pink G05 (No Ammonia)


  • Dispo SP22 – Permanent Colorcream Pink 110g


  • Lolane P48 – Pastel Pink Hair Dye Permanent


  • Pastel Peach Hair Dye Lolane P50 (Permanent)