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Gray hair color shades: Permanent grey dye

Be inspired by our large collection of gray hair color shades. Every dye is permanent for a long-lasting, vibrant result!


Gray hair color shades are on the rise among the younger generation as its look gets adopted by everyone who is not afraid, showing off incredible confidence in their new permanent grey hair color. You can choose several different hues that range from granny silver, platinum grey, and denim-grey to a darker gray. In fact, many models and actors around the world introduced the new young look as a brand-new trend to the public some years ago. Since ever then, people are going crazy as the grey looks gorgeous and cool.

New York fashion designers made a clear sign that grey should be worn over the so conservative blonde hair color. Others followed suit very quickly and even introduced some more punchy electric shades like the Cruset denim-grey color. You might ask, ok, the color trend is set, but what hairstyle will fit into the trend and what to wear? The answer is obvious and also comes from the same fashion designer who introduced the gray hair color shades: A lovely sleek center part hairstyle might be the top choice. Still, any combination of fashion and hair does match with a permanent grey hair dye. Let’s sit back and enjoy your gray hair.

Indeed, you can hear the many compliments you are getting wherever you go. Our permanent gray hair dye is not only for the younger generation, as all the products do cover grey hair and are suitable to refresh the natural gray hair color with an extra kick.

Where to get grey hair color?

Your search is over as you can buy and shop premium brands of all grey hair dye (permanent formula) right here in this category. We do ship worldwide, and all the products do come with extensive instructions. However, we like to recommend reading our online tutorial, which covers all the hidden flaws you might face. Better be prepared as being sorry afterward.

Which grey hair dye is best?

We highly recommend getting a grey permanent hair dye for the best long-lasting color result. As permanent dyes are very hard to fade and wash-out, this product line is most suitable for dying the hair gray. Here are over top 3 recommendations with the best customer reviews and feedback: 1/ Dcash Master Hair Color Silver Platinum MG705 (light silver grey shade) 2/ Starlist Hair Color Ash silver grey (a very light and shiny grey shade) 3/ Berina A21 Light Grey (a light, permanent color creme)

Will grey hair dye cover orange?

Unfortunately, a permanent grey hair dye cannot take the orange tint out of the hair. The only solution would be to bleach your hair to a neutral white first. Once you make sure that all the orange is gone after bleaching, you can apply the grey dye without any difficulty.

Does grey hair color fade?

It does, to a certain extent, but you have to distinguish the reason behind it. First, if you have a semi-permanent dye, the color will fade much more quickly than permanent colors. The reason behind it is that both are entirely differently manufactured. Second, using inexpensive supermarket shampoos who attack the color structure supports color fading, too. Lastly, a lighter grey color fades easier by nature into a silver looking hue. A darker gray tone is expected to do the opposite.

Does grey hair take color?

By nature, gray hair color shadesdo not take color very well or at all. It is because the hair follicles produce lesser oil, causing it to dry out very quickly. For this reason, it is tough for a gray color to get fully absorbed into the hair structure. Here the good news: Many brands such as the Lolane P17 contain a new, sophisticated formula specially made for natural grey hair coverage. The trick these products use is to add 50 times nutrients into the hair during the dying process. As the hair structure will get moist, it is effortless to absorb the color until deep into the hair follicles.

Is grey hair dye permanent?

As the name suggests, it is permanent and will not wash out. As the color penetrates 100 percent deep into the hair fibers, it is impossible to strip it out once applied.
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