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Green color hair dye: Permanent coloring to perfection

Browse our vast selection of green color hair dye (permanent) to let the sparkle of green shine nice and bright on your hair.

Permanent green hair dye is part of the fantasy colour trend in Cosplay and movies. It carries very positive and calming energy to stand out in the crowd. If you are ready for the new style transformation, the color shades range from pastel to a dark forest green look.

We have selected a stunning selection of green hair coloring in every shade ranging from light to dark shades. Regardless, if you dye your whole hair or add highlights to it, the full range of colors is very diverse to fit every style perfectly. The green dyes are very popular in the Cosplay scene as an easy transformation into your favorite character makes it very realistic. You could indeed be the original one from the movies as nobody can tell the difference.

You might have heard about the power and secrets of attraction and wonder why a person reflects so much charisma. There is a simple trick to it: Beauty will attract universal energy and attaches to it. Incorporate your new green hair color with the perfect fashion outfits and cosmetics to become the center point of attention. Suddenly, all closed doors will open, and you find your soulmate, get a job promotion, or have the best relationship with your partner and kids. Be yourself, be different, and charm everyone around you going green.

Why does green hair dye turn blue?

A widespread and frequently asked question is why the green color hair dye is turning blue all of a sudden. It happens because your hair still has too many yellow pigments inside the hair follicles. It is either due to the natural blonde hair you have or using regular bleaching products. Blonde hair and standard bleaches contain many yellow pigments that still reside inside the hair structure. Let's go back into elementary school and take a look at the primary color mixing chart. If you mix green (from the dye) with yellow (still inside the hair), the end result will be blue.

To overcome this problem, two straightforward and easy solutions you can do to avoid it: Firstly, if you are in need to bleach the hair use a neutral white bleach powder instead of regular blonde bleach. The white is the perfect and neutral base avoiding the issue. Secondly, if you have naturally blonde hair, try to lighten the shade up by a couple of nuances to reach an almost very light blonde tone. As a very light blonde has exceptionally few yellow pigments, you should be safe to permanent hair color green now.

Does green hair dye cancel out red?

In reference to the hair salon wheel-color-chart, a green color hair dye will cancel out any red hair color and neutralizes it to a brown shade. In case you have red hair and prefer not to bleach, dye the red with a green dye instead. In case you are not sure or confident to do it at home by yourself, it is always safer to do the coloring at a professional hair salon. You have a peaceful mind as he/she can carry out the process and achieve the best result.

Does a permanent green hair dye come out?

A permanent green hair dye will be to a hundred percent fully absorbed deep into the hair shafts and will not come or wash-out. However, please take some extra precautions after the dying process is finished and avoid any cheap shampooing products. Many of the products contain two harmful chemicals that will attack the color pigments. We always advise using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner that are sulfate and phosphate-free.

What is the best green hair dye?

The best green hair dye is coming from the brands of Lolane, Dispo, and Just Modern UK. All are market leaders for generations and stand for the best and most reliable results. New and improved formulas prevent premature fading. Yes, green is a color capable of pleasing a person to either be romantic like a light pastel shade or go aggressive to rock'n'roll and be wild.
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