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Color Dye Shampoo: I don’t do fashion, I am fashion

Our allergy-safe color dye shampoo selection comprises natural ingredients that do not contain any Ammonia or Hydrogens

There are days you want to enjoy the freshness in the form of new hair color but do not like the drama of spending half a day dyeing the hair with harsh chemicals. You might have heard various stories of over-dyeing, which causes severe hair damage. As we care for your hair's health, we recommend our premium natural-based color dye shampoo that colors, purifies, adds moisture, and acts as a cleaning agent at the same time.

Color depositing shampoo vs dye

The color dye shampoo can be seen as a permanent hair dye but in shampoo-form. There is no need to mix color creams and hydrogen as common with regular hair dyes. You would need to pick the right color tone first, dampen a little bit the hair, and apply the color shampoo's sachet to your hair. Now, evenly massage according to the instructions and rinse out. Well done, you just dyed your hair in, not even 15 minutes.

Does colored shampoo dye your hair?

Yes, the shampoo will color your hair in the tone you have chosen. As all our color dye shampoo is based on natural ingredients, it will help the hair stay hydrated regardless of whether you have curly, straight, or frizzy hair. Even for damaged hair, the herbal-based color shampoo is safe to use. The health and color vibration of the hair fibers is essential for a long-lasting and fade-proof result. The shampoos do come in all colors ranging from blondes to black. Invest in the right tone to conquer the world with your brand new look.

The Lolane Naturecode and the Restoria Discreet Colour Restoring Cream are by far the bestselling products worldwide. The Australian brand Restoria even goes further with its new product line to restore grey hair back into your natural hair color. Apply the lotion daily for a period of time to enjoy the vibrant color you had in your youth.

The benefits you can enjoy using a color dye shampoo

1. It is quick and easy to use compared to regular color dyes
2. Enjoy a complete Ammonia-free formula which is much more gentle and softer to your hair
3. A natural-looking hair that shines and smiles
4. The perfect solution for everyone who suffers allergies against common dyeing chemicals
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