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Permanent Blue Hair Color – Be the Spotlight to wow everyone

Our blue hair dye colors are to die for! Pick your favorite shade and browse the latest collection of permanent blue colors here.


Camera shots of electric blue have been all over the New York runways for the upcoming season. Famous designer Marc Jacobs dyed his model with permanent blue hair dye colors with a gothic twist to his entire new sophisticated fashion collection. Follow the trend to sparkle, shine in the glitter of the lights. Be the next model, and wow everybody around you.

The trend started early in 2010 when Katy Perry appeared at the MTV Movie Awards with a blue hair, eyeliner, and blue eyebrows created by makeup artist Jake Bailey. Since ever then, the blue hair dye colors reinvent themselves new every year.

The lovely contrast of sophisticated New York Style Fashion with a hint of permanent blue hair color is just too hip to be ignored. Regardless, if winter, fall, autumn, or summer, add a touch of blue to your clothes to shock everyone with your beauty.

Looking beyond New York, into some other fashion metropolitan such as in Paris or Milano, the trend seems to be the same. Prada and Christopher Kane choose a navy blue as a fashion color, both in its new collection fused by a permanent blue hair color to the models.

Japanese Fashion Designer Emi Satuki influenced highly this year's blue hair dye colors trend inspired by the already long tradition of Japanese Cosplay and Manga Scene in the Metropolitan Areas of Japan. Let's sit back and enjoy this unique hair color happening. It's fun and not as boring as the standard conservative black and browns.

Can blue hair dye be permanent?

Indeed it can, and you can buy the blue dye right here in our online shop. We offer a wide variety of permanent blue hair color which do not wash out as regular semi-permanent versions. The dyes are manufactured very differently for the color pigments to reach deep inside the hair fibers. If you follow all the after-care recommendations, you would only need to re-touch the roots after a couple of months.

Does blue hair dye wash out?

It all depends on which version you like to have. There are two versions of blue hair dye colors available. The first one is a semi-permanent version that lasts around 10 -15 hair washes until it washes out thoroughly. If you are the kind of person who likes to change your outfit and hair color frequently, this would definitely be the best choice for you.

On the other hand, a permanent blue hair dye stays inside the hair until the hair grows out. It is only possible to change the hair color by bleaching the hair or using a color strip product. The permanent version is suitable for those who love to keep one hair color for a more extended period (months).

What are the best blue hair dye colors?

Regardless of age, caring for one's self-esteem and well-being is extremely important to pick the right product of the best quality. Stylehaircare knows that caring for beauty is very important for you. Our blue hair dye colors are all well tested and sourced to guarantee a perfect result from roots to the hair's tips.

All the permanent blue dye are tested to maintain shine and softness right after the treatment. You deserve to be the king or queen wherever you go. The Berina A41 or the Starlight Bright Blue is the bestselling permanent blue dye in our collection to highlight one or two brands.

A sparkling blue shine with lots of softness is a guarantee as essential nutrients are deeply added to your hair during treatment. This will leave the hair super-hydrated for a long-lasting and fade-proof result.

Where can I buy blue hair dye?

The question "where to buy blue hair dye" of high quality is heard so often as it is not easy to find a reliable source. To buy blue hair dye is quite simple. Here, at Stylehaircare, we offer only the highest quality standard products, and you can browse your favorite shade ranging from light blue to blue-black right here in this category.
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