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Permanent hair dye blonde: A sexy and cute color 

Browse our wide variety of permanent hair dye blonde shades that accomplish your beautiful smile and eyes.


Our premium blonde hair dye colors are the most adorable and cutest in centuries. The iconic Marilyn Monroe was and still is called today the "Blonde bombshell," a sex symbol of all times. You can dye your hair completely or add some classic highlights to your look. Don't wait and get your fresh and luxurious hair color in blonde today.

Does blonde hair make you look younger?

Yes, lighter hair indeed makes you look younger. Generally, the older you get, you should avoid any darker tones and preferably go with a lighter but warmer blonde tone. One of our favorite combinations is to have light blonde hair as the base with warm glow looking golden blonde highlights.

What are the different shades of blonde hair?

There are over 50 different blonde hair dye colors, but we divide them into three categories: Light, medium, and dark. Here is a very general guideline of which hair shade fits with your skin tone. Further, we can differentiate between the many shades into six primary hues ranging from the light to the dark spectrum of the color chart:

Platinum Blonde (light hue), Baby Blonde (natural hue), strawberry blonde (with red tint), golden blonde (dark, warmer hue), ash blonde (soft, grey hue), honey blonde (darker, warmer hue)

We have summarized a short overview for you of which blonde shade fits the most to a particular skin type:

1/ For a cool skin tone, use these hair shades: Platinum blonde, Icy blue blonde, pastel blonde, silver-blonde
2/ For a light skin tone, use these hair shades: Icy blue blonde, platinum blonde, pastel blonde, peach blonde, silver-blonde, champagne blonde
3/ For a medium skin tone, use these hair shades: Platinum blonde hair, pastel blonde, peach blonde, silver-blonde, champagne blonde
4/ For a warm skin tone, use these hair shades: Peach blonde, golden blonde, strawberry blonde, honey blonde, caramel blonde

Why choose a permanent blonde color hair dye instead of a semi?

Semi-permanent dyes only cover half of the hair fiber on the outer layer. Therefore, in general, the color lasts only 4 to 6 weeks or a maximum of 10 shampooing sessions. On the other hand, the permanent hair dye blonde will not wash out as it covers the hair fibers to 100 percent. You would only need to reapply and redo the roots again once your natural hairs grow out. Please remember that it will allow you to enjoy a long-lasting and vibrant shade without worrying about fading or washing out.

How to choose the ideal blonde color hair dye for you?

When choosing your favorite permanent hair dye blonde shade, please pay attention if it fits with your skin tone. All our dyes are manufactured by companies with tradition in the beauty industry and follow strict safety standards. Every brand guarantees perfect hair coverage with vibrant shine and softness. The active ingredients, such as essential oil and amino acids, will restore and strengthen the hair throughout the dying process. A well-hydrated, moisturized, and alive hair greets you.

Can I dye my hair after bleaching it the same day?

You might read that you can bleach and dye on the same day; however, we strongly advise not to do so. From our long experience, we have just heard way too many problems happening with this technique. Our recommendation is to wait at least 3-4 days in between bleaching and dying. As you know, the hair is put under a lot of stress, especially if you bleach. Adding on top of the already stressed hair, one of your favorite blonde hair dye colors might be too much. Possible dried out hair, hair fall, or severe hair damage is a widespread outcome of bleaching and dying on the same day.

Don't do it for the love of your hair. Please wait a couple of days for the hair to rejuvenate and relax a little bit. As the hair is healthier now, it will absorb the permanent hair dye blonde tone much better. Enjoy a more vibrant style instead of a dull, lifeless looking hair.
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