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Hair Bleach Products – I’m not weird you are just too simple

Buy and shop premium bleach hair products from famous brands as a foundation for your new hair colour.


The best hair bleach benefits in an overview

Our bleach hair products do understand your personality and desire to change your hair color. Explore the full potential for a perfect coverage of white or light blonde hair.

Bleaching your hair is by far an essential foundation enjoying your new hair color. Many fashion dyes, such as red or blue, need a good hair bleach before dyeing the hair. Failure to skip the pre-lightening step could be a very costly mistake. As hair dyes mix with your current hair color, applying it straight onto the hair without bleaching is not recommended. With our high-quality bleach hair products, you can enjoy the freedom of having a perfect and even coverage.

You can reveal the "new you" that has been hidden until now. Our bleach products transform you from inside out to enjoy confident and ultimate power over your life. Yes, you are ready to conquer and express yourself, making a strong fashion statement to the world. With our good hair bleach kits, you are free of worries.

What is the best at home hair bleach?

Indeed, there are hundreds of different bleach hair products on the market, and you might feel confused about which brand is reliable and reasonable in price. Our small but carefully selected kits are made out of professional salon quality because they were developed using a unique formula of special bleaching molecules providing a luminous white or blonde shade.

The Dcash Master Bleaching Powder is the best-selling bleaching powder kit in white. On the other hand, the Schwarzkopf Igora lightener powder lightens up to 8 levels. Both brands are widely used in the modeling and film industry as they guarantee a uniform bleaching result.

How do you safely bleach your hair?

Here is a short version of how to bleach your hair safely with our best hair bleach products:

1. Before you start, please prepare and follow all the safety precautions of the product. Also, do always a hair dye allergy test to make sure you do not have any unpleasant surprises.

2. In a non-metallic bowl, add the sachet of powder and mix it with the developer.

3. A mixing ratio of 1:1 (equal parts of both powder and developer) is recommended.

4. Apply the mixture on dry, unwashed hair and process according to the extent of lightening level you desire. Please never leave any bleach hair products longer than 50 minutes on the hair.

4. Check the result regularly during the processing time

5. Rinse out with clear water, and you are done.

Our Expert Tip: If you have longer hair, please use more than one sachet to cover the full hair. Also, if you have black or dark brown hair you might need to bleach the hair twice before reaching the light blonde or white end-result. Please do the bleaching in two steps and let the hair relax for 2 to 3 days. Otherwise, it might severely dry out and damage the hair structure.

Is it better to have clean hair before bleaching?

No doubt, the application to bleach the hair is quite easy and straightforward. However, to conquer an extra shine with the best result of the coverage, it is highly recommended to bleach the hair on unwashed and untreated hair.

First, the hair's natural oil will help protect the scalp during the bleach hair dye procedure. Second, if you shampoo the hair, small residues from Sulfates are being left behind and might irritate the scalp further. Therefore, we highly advise to wash the hair maybe three to four days before the bleaching application, but not right before.

Where to buy hair bleach that works?

As a matter of fact, you are already at the right place to shop and buy hair bleach at a discounted low price. As you can see, we offer only the top of the line products you can choose in this category. We ship worldwide to the UK, US, Australia, and beyond with our shipping partner from DHL and German Post.
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