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Black brown hair dye color for every skin tone

Be inspired and browse our flattering black brown hair dye selection for every skin tone (warm or cool).


What is black brown hair color?

Transform yourself into a new "you" with our premium hair color dyes in every available shade and tone. Regardless, if you want to completely transform your style or just re-touch your hair roots from time to time. Our well-known brands from Loreal, Dcash, or Wella will fit every need.

Brown black hair color goes far beyond any traditional and versatile hair as it can perfectly combine with all skin tones. The color delivers an incredible charm leaving you chic, elegant, and illuminated at the same time. As darker hair provides much more shine and light than lighter hair, it is a suitable solution for anyone to stand out.

It is actually effortless to do at home with a permanent brown black hair dye adding the excellence of these colors onto the hair for those of you who like either a brown or black shade. There are several different shades, like the famous matte black, chocolate brown, honey brown, mocha brown, golden brown, copper brown, or even a stunning black-blue hue.

Let's take a look at the different shades of a black brown hair dye:

Light brown is very popular with naturally dark blonde or somebody you like to have a softer overall tone. It also fits very nicely for highlights adding a unique nuance to their style. The golden-brown gives, for example, an illumination reflection for the hair to stand out and shine even more. Further, a touch of copper or red brings out this extra super modern look as it harmonizes well with almost all skin tones. The shade is vivacious due to its contrast.

Medium brown hair is full of natural shine like the chocolate brown shade, but also is favored to mix up the brown with gold, grey, or red tones to lighten up the hair. Indeed, the medium shade is by far the most sold and requested shaded worldwide as it universally fits all skin tones.

The dark brown and black tone is very intensive as it does not have any reflection as other lighter shades. Dark brown and black are a very uniform and formal color worn at gala events, film festivals, or other special events. If you have a light or dark skin tone, it, regardless, adds the extra touch of sophistication to your personality.

Can brown hair dye cover black?

If you like doing a black brown hair color change, it is possible but requires some more attention to do it correctly. First, you would need to opt for a cooler shade when going one or two nuances lighter because the base tone pigments might be revealed during the dying process.

Secondly, a regular hair dye developer comes with 10 Vol hydrogen peroxide, which is too weak to lighten the hair. You would need at least a 30 or 40 Vol developer to reach your desired lighter tone.

Make the right black brown hair color choice!

Before going wild and excited, please take a step back and evaluate which exact tone you like to have. It is vital as it needs to fit your skin tone, your personality, and your overall look. All these decisions are required for you to make the right result.

Does brown black hair dye fade?

A black brown hair dye is difficult to fade if you choose a permanent hair dye. Semi-permanent creams are prone to fade very quickly as they are only partially attached to the hair fibers. Selecting a permanent color that goes deep into the hair structure will prevent fading if all the after-care treatments are done correctly. As for all dyes, please choose a color-proof shampoo and conditioners, which is Sulfate and Phosphate free. Besides, too much sun exposure, excessive use of chlorine swimming pools, and a poor diet are also some of the factors of why a black brown hair dye can fade. Please remember, if you take good care of yourself, the inner beauty and glow will transit to the outside world. Stunning applause wherever you go is guaranteed.
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