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Berina Hair Dye full collection of all permanent colour shades

Dive into the variety of Berina hair dye collection with all available colour shades. Explore the diversity and power of transformation with these premium and permanent dye creams.


Berina Hair Dye

Berina A24 Color Magenta

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Berina Hair Dye

Berina Color Creme Red


Berina hair color cream benefits

With the wide selection of Berina hair dye shades, you will never go out of fashion and always find a way to renew yourself. There are many reasons why woman mostly desires a light grey, magenta, or bright red shade. As these colors bring life into your personality, it also provides a more youthful look. Further, choosing the right Berina hair color will lighten and soften your face and skin tone. We also like to point out that having highlights with the color cream gives you a powerful weapon to conquest any challenge with ease in your life.

Hair color is much more than just an aspect of your look. As a matter of fact, it should reflect who you are. Your hair speaks for itself, even when you say nothing. Surrounding people passing by or your colleagues can sense your fashion statement right away.

The versatility of transformation makes the hair your own personal secret weapon. The Berina hair color reinvents yourself and lets you discover a new personality that changes everything from the inside out.

With the color cream, you have the opportunity to show the entire world what you are! It is indeed a great way to let the hair color express the hard-working, strong, sensual, and confident woman or man which exists deep inside you. The Berina A21 in grey, for example, gives you the power at your own fingertips and get the compliments that you dearly deserve.

Berina hair color cream a guarantee for the perfect tone

The Berina A23 red may be a difficult colour to archive, but without question, one of the most desired shades in this brand's whole collection. As every year, a new shade is introduced to the public, and right at this moment, it allows you to renew your look in a blink of an eye.

From purple, blue, light grey to ash blonde, all the Berina hair dye are timeless classics to renew itself every season. For this reason, pick your favorite nuance and go public with it.

Every Berina hair color brings additional value to your beautiful face and looks. Combine it with lovely pieces of clothing, and your new style will be eternal and always outrageous.

The light grey is the best choice to hide and cover grey hair without difficulty. It is unnecessary to dye the hair many times as the color is permanent and robust to take care of it in one session.

How long does the permanent Berina hair color cream last?

In general, if you follow the aftercare recommendations, the color will not fade and wash out. Please note that the use of shampoos and other hair treatments without Sulfates and Phosphates is a must to archive a long-lasting joy of the hair. The above mentions chemicals loosen the color fiber inside the hair and cause the color to wash out. Be aware of it!

Berina Hair Color Cream highlights at a glance

The new superior dying technology is perfect for covering your white-bleached hair and light tones with a uniform and smooth color, starting from the roots to the hair's tip. The brand first introduced its new dying technology around ten years ago, which preserves the hair structure during the dyeing process. Besides, beneficial nutrients in the form of vitamins and proteins are added for protection.

The dye products will transform you from inside out to express yourself freely with the beautiful look you always desired. Explore the wide range and let your hair shine with the premium and permanent color cream. The colors add so much positive attitude and personality to your life. You are surprised by why you have not chosen this brand earlier. Every shade is the perfect partner to raise your self-esteem and seek all our dreams with determination and independence.

Conquer the radiant, soft, aligned Berina hair dye worthy of becoming the next movie star in the cinema. Be thrilled and also leave everyone around you impacted by the beauty and care of your new look.

Surprise yourself with all Berina hair color cream incredible results and fall in love with the beauty and hydration the product provides. Come and join the world of colors. Once being a part of the family, you will never look back.
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