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Permanent hair dye colors – The most complete colour brands selection

Welcome to the world of permanent hair dye colors. Browse around in our wide range to find your favorite tone.


Berina Hair Dye

Berina A24 Color Magenta


Permanent Hair Dye Colors

Cruset A995 Haircolor Permanent Purple


Berina Hair Dye

Berina Color Creme Red


Without a doubt, you are eager to start dyeing as a check in the mirror tells you the hair is in dire need of an upgrade. Once the right color decision is made, you need to examine if you should opt for a semi-permanent dye that washes out after several shampooing sessions or get a permanent hair color for long-lasting beauty enjoyment. Many questions will pop into your head if you are not too familiar with the permanent version of dyes. Let us explore them together:

How permanent hair dye works?

A permanent color hair dye contains active ingredients in the cream, penetrating deep into the hair fiber and fusing together with the current color. For you to enjoy a long-lasting color result, it is crucial to either have white hair (for all fashion colors) or choose the exact natural hair color right from the beginning. As earlier mentioned, the current hair color will mix with the dye color together. Since you want to enjoy a total and even coverage, good preparation is required.

If you have natural hair and like to lighten or darken the tone, it is possible to do so with the permanent hair dye colors of up to two shades. It will nicely cover the current hair color and make even changes to it.

Are permanent hair dye really permanent?

Indeed, as the name suggests, all the permanent hair colour brands are permanent and long-lasting. However, as new hairs start to grow by nature, to touch up the roots every 6 to 8 weeks is necessary.

Can permanent hair dye fade?

Permanent hair dye colors will not wash out, but certain colour tones are prone and might fade over time. Mostly, fashion colors such as reds and violets need extra care for the color to stay healthy and vibrant. The most common reasons for fading are:

1/ Using bad quality shampoos and conditioners
2/ Too much sun exposure
3/ Excessive heat exposure from hair dryers or others
4/ Swimming pool chlorine can attack the color structure

Please, keep the above points in mind and take precautions to avoid color fading.

Why does permanent hair dye wash out?

The ideal is that your permanent hair colour will help keep your hair hydrated, soft, and shiny in addition to perfect coverage and high durability of the color tone. Well, things do not always go right, and your permanent hair dye washes right out. The leading cause is that the color molecules do only partially penetrate inside the hair fibers. If the molecules are not locked in, water can wash out the color particles very quickly. As you now know the cause, let's see what factors lead to this scenario:

1/ Using the wrong shampoo: Shampoos and conditioners with Sulfates and Phosphates will attack the color structure. Once weakened, the dye will wash out.
2/ Earlier use of Henna dyes: All natural dyes coat the hair preventing regular dyes from penetrating deep inside the hair shafts.
3/ Damaged hair: This is by far the most common problem when you dye, straight, or perm too often as the hair is just too oversaturated and locks down. The new color is repelled or rejected by the hair, causing it to wash out.

What permanent hair dye is the best?

Transform yourself with our stylish permanent hair dye into a beautiful brand new look. We offer all different kinds of shades that fit every appearance. Don't be afraid as you will find your best match and maybe discover new ideas that you have never thought of before. Style yourself with hip hair colors ranging from platinum white to a classical black. All dyes are from world-famous hair company brands, which are also used by professional hair salons worldwide. Here are our top 3 picks of the best permanent hair colour brands:

1. Starlist dye
2. Berina Hair Dye Colors
3. Cruset colors

Can permanent hair dye be removed?

Yes, the dye can be removed using a so-called colour stripper or adding pure vitamin C from lemons to your shampoo. Lemons do have by nature whitening features similar to bleach products. The second option is gradually removing as the stripper will take care of it directly.
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