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Home Hair Perm Kit: Premium Products for perfect curly hair

Explore our premium selection of home hair perm kit from famous brands such as Loreal and Schwarzkopf. Be your own hair salon at home.

There is no better feeling in life when a woman looks at herself in the mirror and feels proud of her appearance. Taking good care is essential, and you should never underestimate the power of your hair. The mission to go curly is straightforward: Increase my self-esteem and pride to new levels.

What product makes straight hair curly?

The products' family to make your hair curly includes famous brands such as Schwarzkopf Coralle or the home perm kit from Loreal Perm Curia. Our premium selected kits act from the roots to the ends, leaving the hair with a beautiful and stunning look. All products include all the necessary vitamins to add softness and strength even to very resistant hair types. No doubt, you will fall in love with the added volume the curls give you.

Can I perm my hair myself?

The answer is short: Yes, you can! With our professional selection of home perm kit (UK Version), doing your own curls at home is easy and simple to accomplish. For example, Schwarzkopf has already transformed hundreds of millions of hairs with its home hair perm kit successfully.

If you have never done it before, you will be astonished and think to yourself: Why have am I missing it since now. All our wave kits are specially created to put the success in your hands and Not the hairdresser. The innovation curl technology these kits include, do provide the best quality and outcome of the curls.

All hair perm kit comes with build-in conditioner formulas for a profound effect and focused satisfactory result. The treatment acts deep into the hair fibers resulting in a well-treated hair which is soft and radiates with shininess. There is no doubt that the curls underline the new beauty of you.

It is vital to choose the right formula for your hair as each brand offers different formulas ranging from natural to extremely resistant hair.

Benefits of curly hair perm kit

The kits are well designed to make your curls softer and well hydrated looking. Due to its hydration oils, vitamins, and proteins, you will get the perfect shape and shine of curls you have ever dreamed of. There are many benefits of having curly hair. First, the elegance of yourself standing out infused with the perfect dress, acting as a free accessory of beauty. Next, the hair can breathe easier and becomes healthier. Also, curls are suitable and embrace any weather conditions much better than long hair. Lastly, it saves you a lot of time to maintain the hair.

As all the home hair perm kit cares about your well-being, you can take advantage and shop the most suitable version for you. Every woman knows what the power of having curls is.

How much does a perm kit cost?

Our professional home perm kit (UK, EU, US market) is exceptionally cheap compared to doing the waving at a hair salon. Commonly, a good hairdresser charges the customer anywhere up to 250 £ (280 €) for the treatment. Yes, the cost is very high, but we offer the same professional line but at a fraction of cost. How would it be only to pay 20 - 40 €, but you do it yourself at home. It is no Utopia, as you can buy your cheap hair perm kit right here and now.

What products do I need for my curly hair?

Besides, the perm kit you would need to get your favorite curls' size and invest a little bit of money in changing your shampoo and conditioner. Please do not forget the gloves and towel to protect your skin during the treatment.

What shampoos are bad for curly hair?

Sulfates and Phosphates are the main ingredients in many shampoos and conditioners because it is cheap to produce. If you have healthy hair, you do not need to worry too much about these two chemicals, but having wavy hair is a different story. Both are very aggressive in their form and very ruthless when it comes to curls. The hair can get frizzy and dry very quickly. In conclusion, it is best to avoid those and opt for safer products without them.
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