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Herbal Shampoo for Hair Fall Control and Dandruff

We offer an incredibly complete selection of premium herbal shampoo for hair fall to promote re-growth. Also, discover the gold line of hair loss tonic for guaranteed results.


Our natural shampoo for hair loss accompanies women and men to regain their old beauty once again. Once you wake up in the morning, look into the mirror, you enjoy the special moments of seeing your thick and long hair. The days of thin hair are finally over. Our herbal remedies are rich in nutrients and vitamins that take extra good care of your hair and scalp.

Once you start using the herbal shampoo for hair loss, you suddenly feel reviving, renewed as the hair is getting hydrated, nourished, and rebalancing the DHT molecules promoting hair growth.

Are hair loss treatments safe?

Washing the hair is one of the essential steps for a well-balanced and healthy scalp. During our daily routine, the follicle accumulates a lot of environmental dirt and bacteria. A hair fall control shampoo primary function is to safely remove accumulated impurities, whether they are leftovers from hair treatment products (gels) or even pollution.

It has been proven for thousands of years that herbal remedies are a perfect ally to battle hair loss. In our collection, you will only find the best herbal shampoo for hair loss made out of premium natural ingredients that are ultra-safe to use daily.

None of the herbal products (shampoo, tonic) contain chemical Sulfate and Phosphate, which are very widely used by many famous brands. These two chemicals do more harm than good. The perfect solution to promote hair growth is to let Mother Nature work its magic by ensuring a stronger, healthier, and more beautiful hair. As the natural ingredients start to clean the hair fibers inside out, it leaves the scalp and hair refreshed and younger than before.

How hair loss treatment works

Our best herbal shampoo for hair loss will help clean the hair and provide all the necessary nutrients and vitamins to make it stronger, shinier, and healthier. Further, the main offender in hair loss is the hormone called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), both in men and women. If the hair follicles and the scalp is too sensitive to this hormone; it will cause hair loss and thinning.

An herbal shampoo for hair fall will strengthen the hair follicles and stop the DHT hormone from attacking it. It is also recommended to use a hair tonic after the shampooing to further promote a balanced scalp over several hours.

Can hair loss be reversed?

Yes, hair loss can be reserved. We differ from two different kinds of hair loss: First, the thinning of hair due to pollution, bad eating habits, or the intake of medicine. Here, the treatment is very straightforward as a natural shampoo for hair loss provides powerful cleaning to remove all the particles accumulated during the day or transported by the body via the blood vessels. Of course, a lifestyle change should also be considered to stop hair fall.

The second kind of severe hair fall is caused by genetics. As the hormone called DHT constantly attacks the weak hair follicles, losing hair and baldness are a widespread result. The key to winning the battle is to protect your hair follicles so that the DHT hormones cannot reach the hair fibers. Natural herbs such as ginseng and snow lotus are well known for their protection. As this kind of hair loss is genetic, you would need to use your favorite herbal shampoo for hair fall control for a lifetime.

How to reverse hair loss from stress

Stress is by far the worst offender for hair loss. As the body weakens and lacks calmness, the DHT hormones have it very easy to attack your hair fibers and destroy them. The solution to reverse it is very straightforward: First, get a good herbal shampoo for hair fall (buy here) to rejuvenate your scalp and hair. Second, calm down and stop being stressed out. A simple two-minute meditation can help to put your mind at ease. Cross your arms and put them on the opposite shoulder. Close your eyes and count slowly backward from 60 to 1, breathing very slowly. Once you reach one, your mind is already at ease.

Our best herbal shampoo for hair fall picks for you

Kokliang Shampoo with Snow Lotus and Ginseng Ginseng Hair Tonic from Biowoman

Both products will add freshness and movement to the hair.
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