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Edible Gold Leaf for Cakes, Arts, Food Decor, and Face Mask

Find your favorite set of 24K edible gold leaf 24K cakes, food decoration, facial mask, nail art, and crafting purposes. 100% pure Gold Quality!

What is edible gold leaf?

Are you looking to add the extra touch of a edible gold leaf to your food or drink? You can't go wrong when presenting your latest dinner or baking creating to your friends. But wait, a glitter of a real edible gold leaf for cakes adds for example extra elegance and glamour to surprise everybody.

Our edible gold does come in magnificent sheets with a thickness of 0.1 millimeters and a 3.5 x 3.5 cm size. The leaves are made out of pure 24 Carat gold, the same quality you can buy at your bank or the stock market. Theedible gold leaf for cakes and all food decor we offer all have passed the E175 (EU) food standard norm for consumption. Every leaf comes in a protected paper wrapping, making it very easy to apply for the desired purpose.

What is edible gold leaf made of?

As mentioned above, the edible gold leaf are made out of 100% purest gold. There are no other metals mixed into the leaf. As gold is by nature bio gradable by the human body, a safe consumption is guaranteed.

Can you eat a 24k gold leaf for cakes?

Yes, you can eat a gold leaf for cakes, and it is, in fact, very safe to do so. As gold is a metal, it will not break down inside the stomach or colon, such as regular food. As of this reason, gold will never enter a person's bloodstream and be passed thru the colon until elimination when doing your "big toilet business."

You can eat even a high quantity of gold, but it will not give you any health benefits. The shiny glitter of gold is more for the eyes to let the food stand out and add a touch of luxury to the ambient.

What does edible gold leaf taste like?

The taste of a edible gold leaf (for cakes, bakery, or in champagne) is neutral. Gold does not have any distinctive flavor and can be added as decoration to any food or drinks. As all the sheets are very thin, the intake of the gold with food is not noticeable.

How can you tell if gold leaf is edible?

Firstly, please make sure that you buy the edible gold leaf and not the lower grade of imitation leaves as their only purpose is for crafting and should under no circumstances be eaten. Everyone can do a simple trick to test if, indeed, you have the 24K version of gold sheets. Get a lighter and try to lid the gold leaf. Real gold will not change its color or burn. You can light the sheet for minutes without noticing any discoloration. If it passes this simple test, the leaf is made out of pure gold.

What are the benefits of edible gold leaf for cakes and beauty?

Edible gold leaf for cakes and food decor does not have any proven health benefits as the body discharges the gold undissolved without any of the metal entering the bloodstream. The edible gold leaf are mostly for decorative purposes to add the extra touch of glamour and luxury to cakes, food, or a glass of champagne. However, there are other proven benefits we like to highlight here:

1. Applying edible gold leaf to the skin reduces fines lines and wrinkles. Even Cleopatra knew already about the powerful Anti-Aging properties of pure gold.
2. Gold can prevent inflammation of the skin and prevent acne. However, do not apply it on active acne.
3. It helps to rejuvenate the skin caused by sun damage.
4. A skin lightener to reduce dark aging spots.
5. Upgrade your nails with a sophisticated gold design
6. Add some edible gold leaf for cakes on food, sweets, or drinks for the extra glamour.
7. You can use if for all crafting, arts, and gilding projects.

How much is edible gold leaf price today?

As it is real gold, the value depends on the stock market price. However, as theedible gold leaf (price see above) are thin, the price does not change too much. We offer the premium food-grade starting at only 5$ for ten sheets. To put it into perspective, adding one sheet into a glass of champagne is more than sufficient to let it sparkle and shine.

Where to buy 24k gold leaf?

You can buy our premium 3.5x3.5 cm premium-grade 24k edible gold right here in this category. We do ship worldwide to let you invite style and glamour into your life.
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