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Premium Gold Leaf to add Luxury at low Price

Explore our gold leaf (price see below) to add luxury and sophistication into your life. Our gold leaves are suitable for decoration, gilding, beauty, and food decoration.

What's gold leaf and its benefits

A gold leaf is a thin piece of paper made either out of real gold or out of a combination of metal and gold. The law of attraction also applied for gold. The more gold you display, the more you will attract. Many temples and emperors used the color yellow as a symbol of wealth, power, and worship. Having hundreds of dollars in your wallet is no avail, as energy cannot feel and attract more.

If you display gold inside your home in the form of decoration, such as frames, food, or your crafting project, it will not only add a luxury touch you always wanted. Besides, universal energy also can feel the vibration of gold to attract more wealth into your life.

As many like to worship their favorite god or Buddha at home, adding a gold leaf (price and packages see above) to the statue gives evidence that you are a sagacious person who respects their deity fully. Indeed, the gold-like skin will glow up your home, and those who see and admire the god will gain even more prosperity in life.

What is gold leaf made out of?

There are two kinds of gold leaves (price above) you need to be aware of. The first kind is the gold leaf 24k made out of pure 100% gold. The metal is melted down to thin sheets. Once the gold is semi-solid, artisans will further flatten it into very thin flakey looking sheets. Each sheet is carefully stamped out and put in a paper wrapping for protection. The pure gold sheets (edible with E175 food standard) are suitable for food and bakery decoration and various beauty applications to promote Anti-Aging.

On the other hand, we have the imitation gold leaf, which is a mixture of gold and pressed metal. As the material is not pure, the gold leaf price is much lower. As the imitation gold is much easier to handle, it is very suitable for beginners to start their gilding or art projects.

Where is gold leaf made in?

All our gold leaf (buy here) are Made in Thailand by the talented artisan who's long craftsmanship history guarantees the highest quality standard. Every single sheet is handmade using a history of old traditional techniques. Gold leaves have a long tradition in the culture of Thailand. As of these reasons, we can safely say that the best gold leaves do from the Land of Smiles.

Is gold leaf expensive?

The gold leaf price depends on the current market value of gold. However, as these sheets are so thin, there is almost no fluctuation in cost to be noticed. On the other side, the fake gold leaf price is much lower as the percentage of real gold makes only a small portion. In summary, there are options to fit every budget, and no, it is not expensive at all.

Which gold leaf to buy?

Which version of gold leaf to buy depends on your object what you like to do with it. As earlier mentioned, there are two versions of gold you can choose from. Here is a brief overview of which ones to get for which task:

Real 100% gold leaves:
For all food and bakery decorations
All beauty and cosmetic uses
All crafting, gilding, and art projects
Making merit to attract more wealth

Fake gold leaves (not edible):
For all crafting, gilding, and art projects, only.
Attach to the statue while paying respect to your god
Suitable for Feng Shui wealth area display

Both versions do have a diameter: 0.01 - 0.02mm and come in the size of 4 x 4cm (fake) or 3.5 x 3.5 cm (real).

Where to buy gold leaf?

Buying gold leaf in premium quality can be a challenge, especially when browsing online. Here is the good news: We, at Stylehaircare, can offer you the premium handmade gold leaf (price see above) at a deep discount. You have the freedom to buy only 30 sheets for smaller projects or buy the gold leaves in a family pack for more extensive activities.
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