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Gatsby styling wax: Create your shocking new hairstyle

Discover our selection of high-quality Gatsby styling wax to create your next fascinating hairstyle. Become charismatic in minutes!


The Gatsby styling wax has been used by professionals for a long time to create those formal hairstyles as we used to see them a few years ago. The product line has since been evolving and gaining new functionalities creating more exciting fashion styles you have ever dreamt of. With Gatsby perfect hold wax, you can even fool everybody to think you just came back from a professional hairdresser.

Gatsby has created a beautiful family of wonderful products for women's and men's hair. Regardless of whether you have straight, short, long, or curly hair, you will find one version of the wax that will enhance your hair's beauty and charm.

The wax is used as part of your finishing routine when fixing and styling the hair leaving it even more defined and shaped for a long, long period of time. The Gatsby hair wax purple, for example, is suitable for adding more volume to the hair when heading out for a special date or occasion. Also, a Mohawk hairstyle is created in minutes with the purple wax formula.

Which is the best Gatsby hair wax?

The most popular ones are the Gatsby wax mat & hard 75g (grey), the red and purple formula. These three versions are bestsellers worldwide for many years. The purple wax is the most suitable for frizz control and stubborn hair that is difficult to style.

With this in mind, the company offers many different versions of styling products to make you memorable once looking into the mirror. Whether you opt for a matte or shiny wax, here, you will find the best options for the final touch of your hair preparation to stun everyone with your new look.

What gatsby wax should I use?

The version of wax to use depends hugely on two factors. The first one is what current style you have now and, secondly, what is the desired outcome you like to archive. Here is a short overview of different Gatsby hair wax types and their purposes:

1. Gatsby wax grey: Matte formula to create all kinds of hairstyles
2. Gatsby hair wax purple: To add more volume to the hair
3. Blue wax: For everyone who likes a messy hair texture
4. Orange wax: Create a wet look and adds volume
5. Green Wax: Best for hair bangs
6. Red Wax: Style your spikes in seconds

Which Gatsby wax has the strongest hold

The Gatsby styling wax in grey is the most famous type to serve the firmest and strongest hold for a very long time. Men prefer to buy the grey version as it is also matte and will not create a shiny look. If you have prepared your look for a special occasion and want it to last longer, this grey formula is made for you! As the name "mat and hard" implies, the wax guarantees firmness for your hairstyle. As the fixation setting is high, you will get a well-controlled tight hair that will not move even one millimeter. Torpedo, your new look, and self-esteem into the clouds!

How to use gatsby wax mat and hard

The use of the wax is effortless and straightforward. After you have finished your shampooing and dried the hair, simply add some of the gatsby styling wax onto your hand. Next, spread your middle fingers a bit and apply it upward from the roots to the tip. Please do not use a lot of wax as it might leave a milky tint behind. Apply and create the hairstyle you like. Once the wax is inside your hair, make sure it is transparent. Let the hair set for a minute and done!

How to apply Gatsby wax?

Please take a look at the paragraph above to read a detailed explanation of how to apply it.

How much Gatsby wax to use?

It would be best if you use only a very tiny bit of the wax, but it all depends on the look you've chosen for the occasion. Once you have some wax spread inside your hand, make sure the wax turns transparent. If you have used too much, it will remain milky. Start only with a little bit first as you can always add more afterward if the hair hold is not perfect.

How do you remove Gatsby hair wax?

Wash your hair by using warm to hot water as the wax will melt and loosen. You might have to wash it twice, depending on the amount of wax inside the hair.

Where to buy Gatsby wax?

You do not have to search any longer as you can buy Gatsby styling wax here in our shop at a deep discount.
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