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Feather Razor Blades in the UK – Sharp and reliable Made in Japan

Explore our selection of the finest Japanese Feather razor blades for a perfect and smooth shave.

Feather Double Edge Razor Blades

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What are feather blades?

The company Feather is located in Japan, producing since generation (1932) surgery cutting equipment for the medical field. At some point in time, the company extended its venture into the world of shaving and hair-cutting. Quickly, Feather became the industry leader as it manufactures the Feather razor blades with the same high-quality standard as they do when producing the surgery tools.

As you might be well aware, high precision and flawless tools are a must for success during surgery. The same high standard also goes into the feather razor blades for the best and smoothest shave experience men and women can have.

The Feather razor blades comes in the universal standard double edge size and fits all razors. All blades are made out of high stainless steel and are coated with platinum alloy to ensure a worry-free shaving experience. During the manufacturing process, each individual blade must undergo strict quality standards before the QC-department gives the final approval for packaging and shipment to its customers.

The thickness of each Feather razor blades is precisely 0.1 mm to reward you with the best customer satisfaction. If you start using the Feather double edge razor blades once, you will never change the brand. You will look back at the old days and wonder why I have not tried the Feather brand earlier.

How sharp are Feather razor blades?

As mentioned earlier, the company background comes from the medical field. Therefore, we can compare the sharpness of the Feather razor blades with a surgical knife (scalpel). Independent consumer surveys also have stated and verified that the Feather double edge razor blades are indeed the sharpest in the world.

Where are feather razor blades made?

The main headquarter and two manufacturing facilities from Feather are based both in Japan. As the company has the highest precision standards globally, they simply do not trust to manufacture their products in a low-cost country to cut costs. For Feather, quality is the top priority, which has earned them an impeccable reputation. All Feather razor blades sold worldwide are 100% Made in Japan.

How long Feather blades last?

The Feather double edge razor blades last between 6 to 8 shaves until it loosens its edges. Compared to other brands that only give you two to three shaves, Feather's blades do indeed save you money. A tip from us to extend the life of a blade: After two shaves, wear thick jeans (no thin cotton material!) and move the blades from bottom to top a couple of times. The edges will smoothen again with this trick. Please use with caution and do not cut yourself.

Feather blades yellow vs black

Both types will give you an irritation-free and smooth shave, which the company guarantees to all of its customers. There is indeed a lot of controversy and confusion on how different the black and the yellow packaging of the Feather double edge razor blades are. The black label was introduced earlier on, followed by the yellow label. Both Feather razor blades are precisely the same, which also an email from the manufacturer states. The difference is only a different packaging design marketed to different regions in the world.

For example, five Feather razor blades pack in yellow is for the Australian and Thailand market only, as the ten blades pack in yellow are for Europe and the USA. South America has a totally different package color of blue. Some swear that the yellow version is much sharper and smoother during shaving when getting feedback from our customers. It might come up to a person's personal preference to opt for the yellow or black label.

To summarize, both Feather double edge razor blades are 100% identical in its quality; only the packaging is different.

Where to buy feather blades 100

You are already at the right place to buy the feather razor blades 100 or in packs of 10, 30, or 50. We have both the Feather Hi-Stainless Blades and the Hi-Stainless Feather Double Edge blades in stock. We offer a daily low discount price to save you money.
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