Other uses for Laundry Detergent you won’t Believe

Laundry Detergent Uses

Powdered or Liquid Laundry detergent is not only good for getting your clothes sparkling clean. No, you can use it in many other ways too. It is an all-rounder inside your household. We summarized the most common uses for you.

Use to Clean your Toilet Bowl

Scrub the laundry powder with the toilet brush all over the inside of your toilet. This way, it will get rid of all the tough stains such as old urine deposits. In addition, it will also kill all the bacteria’s and viruses in one sweep. Wait for 5 minutes until flushing the toilet.

Tile Grout Cleaner

All over the house, the tile grout gets dirty and ugly looking from various kind of dirt. Especially, inside the bathroom, we have to battle with mildew a lot due to the high humidity levels. Simply mix together a thicker paste of powder and water in a small bowl. Apply the mix on the dirty grout spots and leave to absorb for a couple minutes (for mildew leave for 2-3 hours).

Kitchen Countertop Cleaner

Mix water with powder to create a more liquid mixture. Fill up in a spray bottle so you can use a sponge to clean all the grease away with ease.

Unclog Drain Pipes

Pour some amount of powder into the pipe. Let it sizzle for around 5 minutes until you pour boiling hot water into the pipe. All blockage will disappear.

Safe Cleaning of  Kid Toys / Furniture

Use chemical free detergent only to get rid of all the bacteria’s from your kid toys and furniture.

Remove stains from Carpet / Sofas

Mix half a cup of detergent (liquid or powder) with one cup of water. Use a brush to deeply apply into the stain spots. Clean with clear water afterwards. Even the toughest stains will disappear.

Clean your Sneakers / Shoes

Mostly the sneakers or shoes do have a white sole which can get dirty pretty quickly. Use again a mixture of powdered detergent and water to create a scrub like paste. Use a brush to scrub the paste onto the shoes. After scrubbing, press tight some paper tissue onto the spots. The tissue will absorb even the most stubborn dirt to vanish. Finally, place the shoes into the sun to let them dry completely.

Kills Weed on your Driveway

Add detergent over weed areas or concrete cracks to get rid of them. Please bear in mind to use only environmentally friendly detergent versions to keep our natural environment safe.Keep in mind to wear gloves at all times as laundry detergent is quite rough toward your skin.

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